Started watching Homecoming today. (It's great! I just didn't have 2 hours to be glued to the couch and I had put it on because I thought it would be good background music like most live music-to-video stuff, and it's absolutely not. It's riveting to watch.)

Anyway, what struck me is how old "Crazy In Love" is because of the lyric "Got me hoping you'll page me right now." And that there's a cover of it by Emeli Sandé and Kid Koala on The Great Gatsby soundtrack, which I had to check, that keeps the "page me" line. Which truly is the best mashed up multilayered anachronism Baz Luhrmann has ever put together - a song from 2003 with a reference to 80s-early 2000s communication which was reaching general obsolescence when the 2013 movie set in the 1920s was released.

There's no way that "Night Windows" by The Weakerthans isn't inspired or informed by "Nightswimming" by REM.

3 songs in a direct line of descent:

Be My Baby - The Ronettes
Don't Worry Baby - The Beach Boys
At My Most Beautiful - REM

@amylsacks Oh, this is a good arrangement! Especially with the backup singers - it makes it sound like if the guy continues acting the fool, he'll have to answer to them 😅

Hugely disappointing that there aren't many rock/punk/hiphop covers of Leslie Gore's "You Don't Own Me" because the lyrics could fit a loud/fast arrangement so well. (Sadly, Joan Jett's version is good but not quite there.)

Sidenote: Men covering and genderswapping it can get in the sea - it's subversive because it's a woman telling a man to stop treating her like property. (Oh hey, 1961 you still manage to be relevant today? 😓)

Sidenote II: Dusty Springfield's "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" is a good mixtape accompaniment for it: same era, similar arrangement, almost opposing lyrics. Also would make a good girlpunk cover? Kind of surprised The Donnas didn't cover it? (Or not girls: Me First And The Gimme Gimmes?)

Jill Sobule's cover of "Don't Let Us Get Sick" (originally by Warren Zevon) is altogether gentle and lovely, but the part I like best is a soft feminine voice singing about being a blue collar worker:

"The sky was on fire
When I walked to the mill
To take up the slack in the line
I thought of my friends
And the troubles they've had
To keep me from thinking of mine."

@yam655 Embarrassingly, that's how I found the album but I didn't read it. Going to finish it right now, thanks 😊

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Witch Prophet's website describes her sound as "Think Erykah Badu meets Lauryn Hill meets Jill Scott", but she's got way stronger chops for a cappella than any of them, and a looped jazzy sound entirely her own. She also has the same positive radiance of India.Arie, especially on the tracks featuring other singers; and Indigo and Reprogram have a bit of a Janelle-Monaé-as-Cindi-Mayweather vibe. (Indigo especially, it reminds me a lot of Monaé's Oh Maker.)

Lyrics from "Curse of the I-5 Corridor" - Neko Case 

You were a good man before you knew it
And I'm not vain enough to think that
I'd have been good for you if I'd stayed
In the current of your life
I was an eyelash in the shipping lanes

And now I'm so scared about mystery
I fear I smell extinction
In the folds of this novocaine age coming on
I miss the smell of mystery
Reverb leaking outta tavern doors
And not knowing how the sounds were made

So I left home and faked my ID
I fucked every man that I wanted to be
I was so stupid then
Why should mystery give its life for me?

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Neko Case's "Curse of the I5 Corridor" is one of my favourite songs released this year. In addition to Mark Lanegan's voice pairing beautifully with hers, the lyrics about feeling insignificant and aging out of and becoming numb to new experiences fuck me up good.

@queenpossum I told my partner that Nirvana is dad music now, and he started to defend them and I shut it down by saying, "You are literally a dad who plays Nirvana in the car and your kid asks you to turn it off. DAD MUSIC."

Hope Sandoval's ethereal voice and that dreamy slide guitar make Quiet, The Winter Harbor both a song to feel wistful to, or to dance in the living room with the lights down low

@ajroach42 Have you checked out and listened to Malaysia and Singapore in the 60s and 70s? Might turn up some other albums/bands to look out for.

I can't believe I missed Ibeyi's newest album when it was released last year. Their self-titled debut is really good but Ash is even better. It combines Afro Cuban, South American, and Nigerian music and instruments with synthy trip hop and spoken word in the same way Sudan Archives puts together traditional music with current day sounds and lyrics.

Damn, is Sink (Sudan Archives' new album) ever good. Lots of big blunt open sounds with airy pauses around them, and choppy almost improvisational beats. She's got a fabulous mellow voice, too. It's got the same sort of register and confident slow roll of Solange or India.Arie. Just fantastic.

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#Weirdbrainradio started in on Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus just now, and I realized it’s one of those songs I think is way better gender swapped.

Of course Mary Lambert did a version which is beautifully slow and more soulful. I’d love to hear her or a similar voice with more up-tempo version.

#Nowplaying #fediplay

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"The acoustic sand I’m interested in is rare sand that generates a deep hum when it is put in motion, whether by the wind or by your hand. This acoustic sand occurs only in a few remote locations around the world: a hill in the desert of Mongolia and an area in the middle of the Namib Desert, to name a few. Sliding these layers of sand over one other generates vibrations that emit a deep, low rumbling pitch. This principle can be compared to a bow striking a cello string. In volume, this concert of sand can be as loud as the sound of a helicopter flying over your head."

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