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ukpol, but just barely 

Reading about the lines of succession and brain goes "oh right, it's depth first tree traversal, not breadth first"


Scotland should sneak out in the chaos, it's the perfect crime

its at times like this where you really consider how ifucked up it is that the National Mourning button and the Activate Trident Launch Protocol buttons are the same colour and both in the Downing Street press office for some reason

UPDATE: my mother in law has gotten me & my wife tickets to Robert Moses: The (Not Actually) Musical starring Ralph Fiennes

This is going to be Memorable, one way or the other

Bobby Basement lives again!

And yeah, a whole new (to me) computer + 90 mins of fiddling with /etc/network/interfaces beat a new power supply. Self hosting: It’s An Adventure!

A little Fortunado in my life 🎵
A little ‘montillado by my side
A little bit of mortar’s all I need
A little bit of chains will make him plead 🎵

I need DALLE to evolve a bit more quickly so I can say some garbage like “Robert Moses Jane Jacobs kaiju” and get a whole ass movie generated in 2 minutes.

continuing rhodyposting 

Also Rhode Island has the most tattoo-worthy of all US state flags. Look at it. Can you imagine getting, say, a Maryland flag tattoo?

the main thing about getting older is knowing lots of shit which nobody cares about anymore

Yeah I like “cross fit”, I like to “fit” a “cross”aint in my damn mouth!!! !!

First, Haim rules.
Second - do you appreciate how good live sound captured on a phone is? Compared to what camcorders were like at shows?

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