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According to this, there are ~3.5 million fediverse accounts, which I assume are owned by about 2000 different people that can’t decide which instance to pick.

I pronounce this product like “ham-board” and nobody, inside Google or out, can stop me.

Here’s a periodic reminder to blow / scrape the pocket lint out of your phone’s charging port.

I just did and ewwwww

Those tossed salads and scrambled eggs are calling again... FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!

white people 

Me, watching the saints go marching in: someone should write a song about this

Me, staring down a half-full box of office donuts:

“Ah, my old nemesis, we meet again"

It took Ric Ocasek’s death to make me realize that The Cars had two lead vocalists, and the other one sang on their huge hits that weren’t You Might Think.

Did anyone else just learn this?

The Cars were fundamental listening in my teen years and beyond, and the songwriting study-worthy.

Rest easy, Ric.

I have a pre-roll video on my media server that plays before any movies play. It is the Regal Cinemas policy trailer from the 90s, the one with the roller coaster.

I consistently forget that it is going to play, because I have recently been watching more TV than films, and it only plays before movies.

Every time I start a movie and it comes on, it makes me smile.

Do things that make you smile.

Is there really not an page?

That is a decision that reflects great self-confidence!

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