@ItsTheManOnTheMoon we went from "never having to wear business casual again" to Mandatory Athleisure Outside Of The Home in 28 months.

@Louisa about the live sharks: that’s some footage from pioneers of filming from inside shark cages. The documentary Blue Water White Death inspired some bits of how they filmed Jaws, and some of those real shark scenes were filmed by those photographers.

Update on the “Switch with all the games preinstalled” situation:

The NIC is dead, it’s going back. Buying a fresh one, and spending more dough on the games. Easy come, easy go.

was watching a period movie the other night and someone said someone else "looked like Garbo" and my kids said "wow that was mean."

I also continued my childhood tradition of making a William Howard Taft character. I gave him Voldo’s move set. Also, there’s a cat perched on him.

He also has a butterfly tramp stamp.

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@djsundog "cool slap switch" is like the "cool shot" button on a hair dryer? :blobthonkang:

Martha Wash gets royalties from the new Beyoncé single or nah?


@Louisa only a year ago I had no idea cooking shrimp was 1. as easy as it is and 2. about the fastest hot food you can make not using a microwave

The ASPCA should write a more upbeat ad campaign, trade one 90s smash hit for another


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