Run The Jewels 4 is out!

I couldn’t see how to leave a tip that would go towards the National Lawyers Guild, so did it manually after the fact. Hope they get credit.


It’s important to properly label your home repair equipment

Alright, inspired by @sunflowers here’s my guitar collection, such as it is.

Early 2010s Gretsch Electromatic G5120
Early 90s Telecaster
Late 90s Jazz bass
Fender 40w Hot Rod Deluxe that I got so cheap it’s probably stolen

Key takeaways:
Fender has all my money
40 watts is too much watts if you don’t tour
I have more guitars than my “talent” deserves

Selfie in TL: "Eh, nobody wants some rando guy approving or not of their appearance"

Food pic in TL:

twitter screenshot, covid19 related 

tell me all your thoughts on 

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