Last night in : ! Did not think I’d be seeing them…ever.

The entire time they were part of a wave of great bands out of Brooklyn I was stuck in central NJ, and getting to shows was not happening. They were great, played new stuff from their recently released album Memory, and a bunch from their IMO era-defining 2008 debut. If you’ve never heard of them, and like noisy guitar pop music, live a listen

Another night in Brooklyn, another show with the best rock & roll band in the world, Sheer Mag. The crowd was real lively for this one, too. This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve seen them. If you like guitars, you should see them too.

My mother in law: Time to put on some appropriate, tasteful dinnertime music.


The opinion around here is that I should go see the Front Bottoms, yes?

My son somehow kicked the Panera order-taking iPad out of kiosk mode and I’ve never been so proud

Does Mastodon get more financial support than joda-time?

I mean, Mastodon might get more financial support than 98% of the open source projects out there.

If he was born anywhere else he would have been Iggy Soda, but as he’s from the Midwest, well.

Some of my best childhood memories took place at this bungalow colony that my grandparents joined, in the Catskills.

It is particularly crazy because nearly everything is the same as when my dad and his sisters sold the place...almost two decades ago. The place has been untouched.

That deck? I had my favorite meal in my life on that deck. Those chairs? Thirty years ago my ass was on them. Nobody ever got rid of my grandma and grandpas old stuff. It is a time capsule.


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