What fediverse software packages exist and are maintained? Which among them is the least user hostile? The least administrator hostile?

I'm going to be spinning up a small instance for my new hometown, and I kind of want to explore packages that aren't Mastodon.

@dustin I haven't considered or evaluated anything.

That link gave me a 500. I try again later.

@ajroach42 Yeah it gave me a 500 a few times before loading, github might just be cranky.

This is the Hometown fork of Mastodon as developed by @darius - mostly mastodon with a few changes that try to keep the instance size purposefully small.

@dustin @darius ah. Yeah. It looks great, aside from the fact that it likely has the same resource demands and toolchain as Mastodon proper.

I want to explore options that aren't so demanding, if they exist.

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