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I have a cold.
I have a bbq to attend.

This is gonna 🤘

Ricky Nelson was pretty good. Didn’t write a ton of his own, most famous stuff, but he interpreted well.

Hello Mary Lou
Waiting in School

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bluetooth headphones have an indicator LED bright enough to put a light spot on the wall

Kris likes chasing laser pointers

this is why 45 lbs of dog just vaulted onto my shoulders

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Everything you need to know about where I live: I'm commuting to work and they just announced special additional trains will be running for the Dropkick Murphy's concert.

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I went to my second protest ever today. My first was ~3 weeks ago. I'm 36.

(FB link, because it's still the dominant way to get people to an event)

Think I'm going to make this a regular thing. You should too, especially if
1) You haven't before
2) You live in a place where left-leaning politics doesn't have a good foothold
3) You've had About Enough of This Shit

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"Correlation is not causation!" shouts the Chief of Police.

But that's EXACTLY the argument we'd expect from someone whose organization is found at the scene of every major crime in this city.

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Whenever I see "$BRAND_A ❤️ $BRAND_B", I get the impression of two popular kids pretending to like each other.

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Created by Andy Brunning for Chemical and Engineering News (2015)

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scalac is all "non-variable type argument (Foo, A) in type pattern scala.collection.immutable.Map[(Foo, A), Map[Bar, Baz]] is unchecked since it is eliminated by erasure” and I’m like

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if you ever find yourself upset with the "current generation's" slang of saying "feels" or "mood" too much just remember the 19th century had this

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Shit, XXXTentacion was shot dead in south Florida.

I...was completely unfamiliar with his music. But I did know about his rap sheet. SoundCloud rap has a lousy life expectancy. More on that later, perhaps.


Speaking of Brazilian jazz, I can never remember “Wave” so I need to look up “Brazilian album with the giraffe on the cover” every time.

Searching for 🇧🇷🦒 doesn’t get you there either.

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@rotatingskull @ajroach42

alright, stop
and listen
Jobim's back
with a nova
grabs ahold of you
make your hips
rock and sway
daily and nightly