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I’ve said this before - I hope the Bong Hits 4 Jesus guy is doing alright.

Imagine making a shitpost so powerful it establishes constitutional precedent.

Strip Mall Karaoke Man is moving into Blue Monday.

It’s all our favorite songs, in a way none of us asked for!

Somebody is doing Enjoy The Silence karaoke in an open air mall here. It isnt good gang.

If SNES was so superior to Genesis where's the Mario Bros gene?

Grammy board said "Nope sorry, can't be best comedy album, this has too much artistic merit and isn't funny"

(h/t MusicREDEF)

Pet Shop Zombies like

I’ve got the wounds
You’ve got the brains

Let’s eat lots of brains

having a kid is inventing a type of guy to get mad at

Due to recent unforeseen technical difficulties I sat on this damned meme for two whole days. Two!

October art thread: the 10th 

I'm done!! I did remake the table at about half the size, which makes everything in the grove look bigger, which I love

The inspiration for this was the AI Neural Network art prompt list of landscapes, I didn't follow along with the daily prompts but the one "Fortuneteller's Grove, toad boulders" really spoke to me, so I made that

I love the lights so much, it'll be hard to make anything unlit now ✨

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