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BEGIN KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE. kXR7VktZdyH7rvq v5weRa0zkRP2X0I N63U1V1GYd3uH5S L0Zdr2MrAV52EFG c7nwKECVMqvKrDz wRglmbukfm6cE5o Ttfx7UqDws64FVR mV62QlaccISfawk paoZhyXxO3pCR3c Je7jgEAnp25HTsV GetOiEhUCygWMJg Q2dLH6rxf8Cd40a sys3JXWwJg3MYca 6SOJKeED9PAf8zb wnuaU0dVdH6gNvP g5S. END KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE.

moths' hairiness makes them almost invisible to bat echolocation

ergo, Mothman could easily sneak up on, and kill, Batman

If you love and miss Tom Petty, you may like and appreciate Peter Matthew Bauer (from The Walkmen, now solo)


Ah, New York City, global capital of Culture

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This Nirvana torrent smells like teens peer it

I saw Partner last night in , Here’s a shitty photo and a link to a good album!


OK, I went ahead and wrote it! Here's a script to go through your Following list and tell you about accounts that have moved:


Requires Python3 and halcy's Mastodon.py library, which was very pleasant to use.

“it’s hard to draw a sad iguana. They don’t have facial muscles.”

For sale: baby shoes, clothes, crib, bassinet, toys, all worn lovingly. I’m having a yard sale, please come buy these things.

I don't mean to flex on time travelers, but I *always* know what year it is and where my timeline went horribly wrong

I didn’t know Karen Carpenter was a drummer.

I didn’t know Karen Carpenter was a good drummer!


DID YOU KNOW: the story of being a writer is just the gap between insight and how to..... do a..... what is the..... can I tell you..... is there a way to.... wordsing to u brain pictures

Teen Girl Squad, you know what I mean.

I played in a “band” with other people for the first time Tuesday. It was pretty good! We didn’t have songs to practice beforehand, so it was more “improvise a riff and drive it into the ground for 6 minutes and then the drummer yells ‘ITS OVER!’ like strongbad”

Another day of coming up with solutions to things that aren't problems...

*slaps roof of your ex husbands back* this bad boy can fit so many knives in it

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