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I have FINALLY FOR REAL fixed the issue where my RSS-to-ActivityPub converter wasn't sending posts to Pleroma instances in the correct format. I have rectified that. And this time I have an actual test Pleroma instance on which I've confirmed it working. Once again, here is that tool, which is now Mastodon and Pleroma compatible!

I have also updated my ExpressJS ActivityPub server for compatibility:

spectacular effort from the free calendar some stationary company sent us

we all love elon musk. but how did he get his money? he started with good old venture capital. presenting my new app: venturr. it creates thousands of startup pitches per second, compares them with machine learning™, and then sends the best ones to eccentric billionaires. it can generate $3.2bn in venture capital per day

Started playing Tacoma tonight after hearing about it on here (and hearing that it’s free). So far so good. I like games that take some inspiration from Myst. This is also the first game I’ve played in years.

@rgggn got me trying to learn “Epic” on guitar after talking about faith no more earlier and

I’m shit! (What is it?)

me: working from home gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks free from the the distractions of a noisy office!









me: cool never mind

the Ramones are very communicative in the things they both want, and do not want and i think we could all learn from that

Remember how I mentioned I’m in a crappy little pickup band a while back?

Our bass player is related to this absolute fucking wizard, and we’re going to jam with her in a few weeks. I…*we* are not prepared.

EXCLUSIVE: Facebook stored millions of plaintext passwords in the balls

Deadwood: The Movie

Open the canned peaches because Al Swearengen, Seth Bullock, and the rest of your Deadwood favorites are back on May 31 in Deadwood: The Movie. Here’s a tease:

Swearengen: You ever think, Bullock, of not going straight at a thing?

Bullock: No.

I’m in 1000%. For more on the movie’s action/plot, read Tim’s post from December.

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An observation: music like this being enjoyed by society’s winners

This exhibit has been at the New York Hall of Science for a few years. Anyone been there? Anyone have suggestions for games with the same feel as this thing?

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