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I’ve said this before - I hope the Bong Hits 4 Jesus guy is doing alright.

Imagine making a shitpost so powerful it establishes constitutional precedent.


Out on the road today
I saw a Black Flag sticker on a tuna melt
A little voice inside my head said
Suspenders & belt, do suspenders & belt

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can the Ataris rank higher, when their change "a Black Flag sticker on a tuna melt is a bit of good by presenting pronouns as a treat

It's true. I know very little about dance & industrial from the 90s. With me it was always British people with guitars.

Wanna feel old?

Future Sound of London
is now
Current Sound of London

You're welcome.

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Parents Night Out!! everyone on and leaves the kids with, I dunno, skullsite?

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Wanna feel old? Last night I dreamed that Will Smith was 87. You're welcome.

Ok, it was the production not the mastering

"The album's production style was very stripped down and sparse, with wide pans and no reverb used on any tracks"

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Been thinking about getting back into making videos hmmmm...
Here's one I made in 2013, we had a budget of £2 to play with- we spent it on the cheapest deodorant we could find and "borrowed" a projector 🤔
🎵 Weikie - Vixen 🎵

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🎶 Dune Man,
Come together with your sand 🎶

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Heartbreaking: This Toddler Is Trying to Plug a Headphone Cable into an iPhone Made After 2016

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Blocking The Seychelles until further notice.

You know who you are.

If you’re gonna be an aviatrix but can’t do rapid fire patter in a transatlantic accent why even bother

I have to buy my daughter...jodhpurs? Is that correct?

I’m not ready to be this kinda people.

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If Jurassic Park has taught me one thing, it's that if you can, you definitely should.

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more car bs 

No, I think if I'm gonna ever have an American car with a V-8 it'll be an old ass Cadillac. Surrounded by new Chargers and Mustangs and Camaros, I'd want a car that says "In a hurry? Couldn't be me. Hell, this hood is so long I might already be where I'm going."

Took a V-8 Mustang for a spin today. It ain’t me.

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