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BEGIN KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE. kXR7VktZdyH7rvq v5weRa0zkRP2X0I N63U1V1GYd3uH5S L0Zdr2MrAV52EFG c7nwKECVMqvKrDz wRglmbukfm6cE5o Ttfx7UqDws64FVR mV62QlaccISfawk paoZhyXxO3pCR3c Je7jgEAnp25HTsV GetOiEhUCygWMJg Q2dLH6rxf8Cd40a sys3JXWwJg3MYca 6SOJKeED9PAf8zb wnuaU0dVdH6gNvP g5S. END KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE.

It is now illegal in Pennsylvania to donate a book to someone incarcerated.

Instead, books must be purchased as ebooks through prison profiteer GTL or ordered through the DOC

This is an attack on gift economies and free speech/culture while expanding the surveillance capitalist, carceral state.


"if City Council were brave and bold enough to tax Wayne Enterprises, we could fund social programs to get people out of the hench life"

i'm at the stack

i'm at the queue

i'm at the combination stack and queue

Oh snap, it’s Atone Like A Pirate Day.

Became the mayor of my temple on Yom Kippur. That had better get me inscribed in the book of life.

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*slaps roof of a herpatarium* this bad boy can fit so many snakes in it

My all-time favorite practical effect: the wireframe city in "Escape from New York". It was beautiful, nuanced "CGI", all the more so because it wasn't CGI at all; they built a model of the city and then outlined the entire thing with glow-in-the-dark tape, shut off the light, and just filmed the flyover with a crane.

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motorhead sticker on an acura
is the new
deadhead sticker on a cadillac
you outta know by now

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finally do I have the proper way of looking at the fediverse :icon_mrgreen:

also yes it's fully functional and I'm actually using it as my main interface right now

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