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I’ve said this before - I hope the Bong Hits 4 Jesus guy is doing alright.

Imagine making a shitpost so powerful it establishes constitutional precedent.

Watching Star Trek Discovery now. I see they’ve decided to go straight up Space Orc with the Klingons in this one.

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lemme know if you CAN'T spot Buzzo in his 2/3rd grade class pics

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sorry these are load bearing advertisements we cant take them out

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I was specifically informed on numerous occasions that standing around playing Gauntlet with three of my friends would never get any of us anywhere in life. I demand a do-over.

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@Ethancdavenport possession of great wealth is a terrible thing it's a transformation with an urge to hoard
Not the body of a man you love
It's the face of the one percent cuz
I turned into a millionaire
I can't even recall my worth

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🎵 I knew you had a secret stash,
Plums hidden in an icebox cache,
But this is just to say I beat you to them.

Forgive me, but I ate the rest,
That you were saving for breakfast,
They were cold, and so delicious, hallelujah!

So of course now I need to listen to the Faith No More version of “Easy” and uh

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If you’re into popular music, and the history of popular music, you might know that “White Christmas” is the best selling single of all time. And that “Candle in the Wind 1997” by Elton John is number 2.

What you almost certainly didn’t know is that the number three slot belongs to

[checks notes]...

Mungo fucking Jerry?

Dan Luu in the streets, Matt Levine in the spreadsheets

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Here is the first page of my alligators in the sewer story. Next week will be an exploration of what our one alligator in the sewer spawned in or culture and imaginations.

You can also read along at

#art #webcomic #comics #alligator #alligatorsinthesewers #NYC #harlem #snowshoveling #history

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Had literally nothing else to do this weekend, so I made an MS-DOS game for Global Game Jam. It's called Neut Tower and you switch between controlling a young programmer named Jaye and her building-hacking software tool called Neut to try to make your way to safety. The GGJ site CROPS MY SCREENSHOTS so fuck them, here's the link to play in your browser

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Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

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you come across two brothers. One of them always lies, and the other one also always lies. They're real dicks.

Thanks @ItsJenNotGabby for reminding me that I Gotta Man is a song and I was alive to hear it as it happened.

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