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The Cloud
Is exactly like
The computer you are on right now
Only much, much


I know this is weird but DHH hit the nail on the head when it came to open source and financing it

Me, coming across a beached humpback whale: “I’ve seen this before. Professionals.”

If someone is dressed to the nines, it means they're dressed fancy for a very high percentage of the year. For example, if someone is dressed to five nines, they're not fancy less than 5.26 minutes a year

Is “Goose Game for Crank Boy”
1) A headline about the new Playdate device
2) The new Guided By Voices single

what’s a poll?

running street fighter II on a video intercom we found in the trash. and yes, there's audio over the phone. and yes, that's a flatscreen crt. and of course we'll install it in the toilet. 😁

I thought "Bichon Frise" was some kind of French breakfast that had ice cream in it??

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"smart but lazy" turns into "just lazy" after a few years

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Because it’s about to be in your head until July:

Los Bravos - "Bring a Little Lovin’"

i threw a milkshake on my laptop's alt right key and now it won't turn on

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