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Genuinely interested in a wide response on this so boosts are appreciated.

When it comes to working from home, "distractions" are:

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Asking leading questions on Twitter 4 times a day doesn't make you a Content Creator ™️

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It's game night. I'm here to tell stories and chew bubble gum, and I'm all outta gum.

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riffwise is my moniker for all my ideas related to building a melodic engine... it's a pipe dream sort of thing, but I imagine in my head you could draw in complexity curves, mark specific beats for emphasis (or de-emphasis), change registers, seed it with rhythmic or melodic motifs or palettes and then let the program do the rest #programming #music #musicproduction #brainstorm #idea #coding

Hello Liner Notes! I'm new here. This account is helmed by me, Miles (but you can call me Baze) (@bazeblackwood).

DNote is my label, where I release music for my two main projects (Baze Blackwood, RILEMOB). I also write longform music reviews, and run a studio. My goal this year is to start doing collaborative co-produced singles with other artists. I'm also pursuing a custom-designed Musicology degree.

As a side note, I'm hoping to spend more time in online communities that are "trampolines". In other words, soft places to land—that still propel you forward. That's why Liner Notes seemed like a cool place to join, with lots of like-minded and supportive folks into making awesome sounds. Looking forward to tootin' with ya'll...

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