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@djsundog The quote reminds me of the Ballad of the Sandman by Mike Agranoff, in which a DJ of craft and art is forced to play to a corporate agenda.

"'Everything is not all right,' he answered with a frown.
'The Arbitron report came out. Our ratings have gone down.
And Harry Stein in Programming's decided that the way
To get the ratings back on top is dictate what I play.'"


"Artists who painstakingly crafted everything from the music, the song order, the album cover art, the lyric sheets, and the videos that expanded the message they wanted to convey have been replaced by immediate, single consumption. The crafted story is lost."

via @drwho

"The Subversive 80's through the Lens of Max Headroom"

Felt like good linernotes club material.


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Had dinner with my brother in law who went to Bard, so :df: :wb: were on the car stereo driving back home.

Son: “dad i don’t like this music”
Me: “You’re not supposed to, you’re young.”

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Counselor: Gen-X midlife crisis hotline, how can I help

Me: I was thinking it might be nice to have a couple of flannels again

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apparently it needed one more kick to really get things moving.

thanks for your patience! 🤘

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sorry for the brief downtime, clubbers, an OS update went awry and required special attention.

it should be resolved now.

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If you are a guitar geek interested in speakers you may find this talk with Ignazio Vagnone from Jensen quite informative:

Btw. I have a custom made 2x12" cab with Jensen Electric Lightnings in it and these speakers are beasts!

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I remember getting introduced to the music of MLWTTKK in 1991... a dear friend of mine copied his cd of Confessions of a Knife to cassette, and I listened to it nearly non-stop for the next 2 years, and when the cassette broke, I bought the CD and listened to that for another 5 yrs.

Then I got my first MP3 player, and guess what the first thing on it was...

That’s right, PM5K... and TKK. ;)

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Just finished the PBS documentary Rumble about the impact of native americans on music from blues to rock to jazz.

I learned a bunch. I have a bunch more to learn.

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The Politics of Everybody by Holly Lewis 

Finished the introduction. Just wanted to share a quick excerpt:

“Solidarity with queer, trans, and intersex people is non-negotiable when it comes to the international solidarity of the working class.”

It’s that’s simple.

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We're looking for a data analyst here in the Halifax studio. If you're the sort of person who likes to turn statistics into actionable, intelligible suggestions, we've got a career you're going to have a blast with.

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No need to ask to follow, just go ahead and do it. Which said, I will check to see that I'm not getting followed by consent breaching horrors, so there's that.

I'm a classically trained vocalist with a damaged voice, and have switched over to folk and industrial with some spoken word stuff in there, because if I just stopped making music, I'd go insane.

I have a general love for music, and sweet spots for W. C. Handy, Zappa, Sasha Siem's weirder bits, and Merzbow. Figure, if it's not straight 4/4 I'll at least give it a try - and even the 4/4 linear is good for when the brain's leaking.

You can find my work in my profile links, and I do my general laggy best to be friendly in interactions.

hey folks, sorry for the downtime - for some reason the VPS was in a stopped state without me noticing.

it's back now and I'll keep a better eye on it, promise ;)

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I remember buying a used copy of 'Ritual De Lo Habitual' (censored cover edition) based on MTV's relentless replaying of 'Been Caught Stealing', and being unprepared for the depth of some of the other tracks. Absolutely one of my early "horizon-broadening band I found independently of my older brother's recommendations" discoveries

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Looks like it's Patch Your Shit Monday

(Safari, Big Sur, watchOS and iOS all have security patches that came out today)

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