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@djsundog @trwnh the whole thread federated to linernotes as a datapoint

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Dear band made up of 7 middle aged people in shorts playing at this farmer's market:

The market is only one block long.

Your overexcited saxophone player does not need her instrument mic'd.

@donblanco none immediately, as I don't want to turn into quite that blatant of a pirate, but I have been considering using audio uploads to highlight particular passages for discussion in a very fair-use sort of way...

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Hi, folks

I'm some german dude. So glad to see there's a music themed mastodon instance. Many thanks to its admin(s).

I'm obsessed with underground punk and noise. Specifically i'm into post- and garage punk, noise rock, postcore, the weirder forms of hardcore punk, very oldschool noisy indie rock, a bit of shoegaze and noise pop here and then.

I'm doing the music blog 12XU and a web radio station of the same name. The blog is written in german, but music is a universally understood language anyway, right?

The blog itself is on the fediverse, too: @pinkflag

Hope we'll all get some kicks out of each others weird musical tastes.

One of the notable features added in v3.0.0 of mastodon is a new audio player UI - as an example, here's Louis Armstrong's "Struttin' With Some Barbecue" from 1938

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linernotes meta 

Ahhh, and we're fully back, including our custom linernotes_dark theme!

Okay, is running v3.0.0 and y'all have your extended character count back!

I'll be working on re-enabling our custom theme after a brief pause for the cause.


I'm doing it, folks. I'm chanting the incantations necessary to summon v3.0.0 of mastodon to

Hold on loosely, but don't let go.

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hey clubbers, gonna do my best to upgrade linernotes to 3.0.0 tomorrow morning UTC-7 and restore our customizations at the same time. I'll do my best not to break things any further in the process.


Since @evilchili brought up the birthday of this album, here's a nice breakdown of some of the recording techniques and equipment behind Portishead's "Dummy"

Warning: contains lots of ads

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So while was down, Mr. Bungle reformed. At the time of writing, it's still unclear if there's a connection.

@Mainebot ooooooops, uhhh, it's temporary (inasmuch as it'll get fixed once I leave $daygig later today)

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Where does Rob Thomas get boiling water for his tea? 

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