Sorry about the downtime y'all - we ran out of disk space. I have mitigated the issue and will enact a proper fix shortly.

Can confirm @dustin 's post

We here at say trans rights.

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I'm just a moderator not an admin but

trans rights.

Good morning clubbers!

I've disabled full-text search in the club for now, until such time that I come up with a better/more stable solution than the elasticsearch implementation that currently exists in mastodon.

My apologies for any search-related inconveniences this my cause.


@dustin hm, local timeline loaded snappily here (it takes 60 secs and times out in the toot-lab)

what are you seeing, and web or app?

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My kids just invented the balloon moshpit. I'm very proud.

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@evilchili holy shit! all the sinclair software taken from cassette and put onto vinyl would be amazing

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oh no. *sweats profusely* unggggh. oh no.

Cut Your Own Vinyl Records With This $1,100 Machine.

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said I was gonna finish my day with George Duke, and I am, by way of a couple albums he recorded during his time as a Mother of Invention.

I told you, he was everything, yo.

Grand Wazoo and Over-Nite Sensation queued up in the toot-lab.

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Hey Mr. Tough
Don't you think we've suffered enough?
Why don't you meet me on the dancefloor
When it's Tiny Tom time?

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@thraeryn I'll have to check her out - thanks for the tip!

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Anyone else hip to beabadoobee? She's got a very '90s pop-rock feel, and she's bananas young; lots of room to grow when she's already a pretty solid songwriter. @djsundog

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