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The club has exploded with fives of new members! Please say hello to @wads112 @empirexl @317matt @sjoerdvanwijk and@whitequeenwalks!

Remember, no Frampton references in my store. (This is lie I would be delighted by your Frampton hot takes).

@derek Lenny got done dirty by going up against Marvin 😞

Hello club!

The custom linernotes theme, as well as the expanded character count limit, should now be restored and usable by all of you lovely folk.

Thanks much for your patience, your understanding, and your continued presence!


and now the club is on v3.4.6 and no longer has the nasty vulnerability it previously had apparently.

theme and character limit upgrades still coming later...

okay, we're back and running v3.4.5 - our custom theme and expanded character count are currently out of commission but will be back later today, after I deal with a few meetings for $daygig

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hey clubbers!

I will be running an upgrade on our mastodon installation in a couple of hours.

based on my upgrade of the toot-lab there should be minimal downtime.


@Claire confirming that did indeed resolve the issue entirely - thanks again, you're the best!

@Claire aha, I totally skipped the migrations - whoops! thanks much!

@Claire hey - just upgraded GlitchSoc on the toot-lab, am now getting 500 errors. mastodon-web log showing `NoMethodError (undefined method `edited_at' for #<Status id: foo, uri: bar, account_id: baz, etc>` after the upgrade. any tips?

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Happy Halloween! The Society is pleased to share its recording of Norton Greenop's classic banjo composition "Skeleton Dance" as a free, lossless audio download. 💀

:boucherbanjo: :cc: :by: :sa: #fediversemusic #mastomusic #musiciansofmastodon #banjo #creativecommons

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linernotes meta 

What it is, clubbers. We, your most star kissed rambletastic admins are down with booty shakin, head bobbin, and body rockin of all kinds. We are most definitely not down with reactionary white supremacist thuggery, so have added a for both and and encourage all groovilicious instances to get hip.

We trust this action will preserve and power up your funktastical fedisperience and thank you for your kind attention to the groove.

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The Witch Doctor (oooo eee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla kill me 8yr old twins acapella infinite loop remix)

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