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Bandcamp has an interesting list of some of the more esoteric releases on Jello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles label:

Though there’s one minor mistake: Wesley Willis didn’t use a Casiotone keyboard; he used a Solton Ketron.

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Speaking of Bearsville, have I raved about Foghat here yet? Because they were one of the best straight-up rock bands of the 70s, and it's unfortunate that the only thing anyone knows them for is Slow Ride and *maybe* Fool For the City.

Lonesome Dave Peverett (RIP) had such a singular voice. and Rod Price (RIP) was a monster on slide guitar.

My all-time favorite Foghat album has got to be "Stone Blue," which captured them at the absolute height of their game, IMO:

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@thermous Boston's radio scene used to be top-notch. end of an era really.

@thermous I did dedicate a @nowplaying track to WAAF when they left (Bosstones' "Where Did You Go") but I didn't hashtag it, and I was more of a WBCN cat, truth be told

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While I'm remembering to post over here, I'd like to get this off my chest:

Billy Preston was the best of the Beatles.

I want to thank all y'all here on for doing you and sharing your passions for the music you dig with the wider 'verse.

It's a treat and I forget to tell y'all how much I dig your grooves, individually and collectively.

rock on, y'all, rock on.


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Remember, for when it is time to hold on to your butts

...and we're back, running v3.1.2, seemingly no worse for wear!

of course, some of the new functionality (announcements and bookmarks being the two that come to mind) isn't yet exposed through our linernotes theme yet, but I'll look at getting that taken care of over the next day or three.

Please let me know if you run into any issues, and thanks for being here! :blobpats:

Backup of the club is complete and the upgrade is underway - hang on to your butts

Okay, clubbers, the toot-lab took its upgrade just fine, so I'm feeling pretty confident about upgrading the club in a bit.

Taking an extra backup snapshot now just in case something goes awry.

Stay tuned!

Hey hey, clubbers, it is me, the admin type person

I will be performing upgrades to our mastodon installation later today. I do not expect any significant downtime, but Sometimes Things Happen, so this is just a general heads up - might get funky in here in about eight hours if something goes awry.


@rgggn I'd start with "Persistence of Time" which, while not indicative of the sound of the rest of their discography, is a solid album (despite getting mixed reviews). Then "Among the Living", which is very much indicative of the sound of the rest of their discography imo.

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@rgggn somebody's gotta...I can't imagine these shows not getting bootlegged

Sorry about the downtime y'all - we ran out of disk space. I have mitigated the issue and will enact a proper fix shortly.

Can confirm @dustin 's post

We here at say trans rights.

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I'm just a moderator not an admin but

trans rights.

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