I'm happy to announce that the administration team of - @dustin, @evilchili, @rgggn, and me - have decided to upgrade the club by migrating to the Hometown fork of Mastodon, which is a community-oriented fork maintained by @darius that adds a number of features that should enhance the vibe of the club nicely.

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We're also putting together a plan to make the club more maintainable and resilient by making sure any of the four of us can maintain all the various parts that keep the club up and running, from the domain name to the server to the software. No more waiting around for me to get around to doing something - now there'll be four times as many people to wait around for!

anyway, stay tuned, and thanks for bringing your flavors into the mix!


@djsundog Hell yeah! And as always, let us know if we can throw a few bucks into some kind of patreon or other tip-jar to support this coolest of clubhouses

@djsundog Awesome! Moving to Hometown seems like a great choice.
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