1970's "Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Pt. One" by The Kinks is one of the least rock sounding rock albums ever but I really dig it.

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Mick Avory's drums are almost completely buried in the mix all the way through yet it totally works out.

Strangely, my favorite Kinks song is Tired of Waiting. People normally ask me what Kinks song is that.

@djsundog I've heard "Lola" over and over again through the years, and I had no idea that was the name of the album it came from. The only "Powerman" I ever heard of in music before this was Powerman 5000. So "Lola Versus Powerman" was generating some wild imagery initially:

@djsundog got into this album because of the Darjeeling Limited soundtrack, which has like 3 songs from this one album on it

@dustin I've not seen it but I am more likely to now lol

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