"Artists who painstakingly crafted everything from the music, the song order, the album cover art, the lyric sheets, and the videos that expanded the message they wanted to convey have been replaced by immediate, single consumption. The crafted story is lost."

via @drwho

"The Subversive 80's through the Lens of Max Headroom"

Felt like good linernotes club material.


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@djsundog The quote reminds me of the Ballad of the Sandman by Mike Agranoff, in which a DJ of craft and art is forced to play to a corporate agenda.

"'Everything is not all right,' he answered with a frown.
'The Arbitron report came out. Our ratings have gone down.
And Harry Stein in Programming's decided that the way
To get the ratings back on top is dictate what I play.'"


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