....and, thanks to the rapid repair work of @trwnh our linernotes dark theme is back in action! :blobpats:

@djsundog Hmm, still seems to be an issue with the vinyl suddenly shrinking, but overall less broken than I assumed it would be. :blobpeek:

@djsundog - column "back' button clashes with vignette header
- verified links have transparent bg
- load-more and notification type bar have low contrast
- column settings have boxes around them
- theme opengraph previews, i think?
- unconsidered but should probably test at some time: theme the tootorial
- probably some other stuff in settings/preferences, idk
- the vinyl disc is now smol for some reason
- profile directory (but this is unthemed even in the parent theme sooooo)
- /about(/more)

@trwnh take your time, I'm going offline for a bit for some sustenance ;)

-report dialog has wrong-coloured links and borders
- at some point the three-dot-menu got unthemed so that too i guess

that's probably it i think?

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