Forty years on, Joe Jackson is still releasing new albums worth listening to.

Yesterday, he released "Fool".

Well worth your listening time if you enjoy any of Joe's other work - all his various faces make appearances on this one (though you'll have to look hard for the classical face).

I'm going to listen to it again and then go sit in front of my music gear and curse a bit.

I have only ever heard "Night Music", but oh how I love that album.

@clacke his first couple albums have some great punk/new wave tracks, the next couple albums are jazz, then some rock and pop, then a few classical albums, then back to rocky jazz and jazzy rock - he's one of the most multi-talented cross-genrr songwriters everyone together fly mostly under the radar, in my opinion.

I'm assuming "everyone together" is what your phone makes of "ever to". 😁

@clacke lol, yeah, and genre got mangled too apparently

@djsundog I'll put it in my long, long, long queue of albums I have take a listen to. So much music, so little time.

@codkelpme so very true - it's insurmountable, yet so decadent, knowing I'll never run out of things to hear for the first time ;)

@djsundog Seen him a few times. Blown away every time. Favorite was Heaven & Hell. Great album, great tour.

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