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@djsundog Seen him a few times. Blown away every time. Favorite was Heaven & Hell. Great album, great tour.

Forty years on, Joe Jackson is still releasing new albums worth listening to.

Yesterday, he released "Fool".

Well worth your listening time if you enjoy any of Joe's other work - all his various faces make appearances on this one (though you'll have to look hard for the classical face).

I'm going to listen to it again and then go sit in front of my music gear and curse a bit.

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Hairy Larry Live at The Edge Coffeehouse on 2019-01-05

Jazz piano trio with vocals.

Welcome to all the new members of the club!

Give a shout if you have any questions or concerns - we're happy to have your music in the mix! :blobpats:

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Wow! There is a Dead Kennedys logo on here :dk: Mastodon is so much cooler than Facebook & Twitter.

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New Hairy Larry CD, Elphonium.

Free download and streaming on the Live Music Archive.

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At a kids birthday party where there are pineapples and they played “All Star” so it’s just like being on here

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I posted my recital. All my songs except the first written by the singer and arranged by me.

Free download and streaming plus liner notes.

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Hey, Club friends, I got the official linernotes theme working again!

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Random Ask: If you know anyone in Puget Sound (Seattle area including Lake Washington or North of that) that has a deep-water dock or private mooring ball and is open to renting it out or hosting us occasionally, please put us in touch.

Boosts Appreciated

welp, that went poorly - sorry about the temporary downtime, I'm going to have to look more deeply into the theme issue in a little bit.

Okay, looks like we're back but missing our custom theme - I'll investigate and remedy this failing. Otherwise, welcome to v2.6.5 and stuff!

okay, Club - I'm about to restart services - see you in a moment, hopefully ;)

Hey, club, currently taking a backup snapshot before upgrading the instance to 2.6.5 - apologies in advance for any hiccups.

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This sure is some Dark Web Patterns bullshit. Am I saying “yes” to “send me email to confirm I just bought tickets to see George Clinton next week”, or “yes” to “subscribe me to TSA Pre-Check Except With An Extra Middleman email”? Ugh, Ticketmaster.

Also, I am going to go see George Clinton next week! He’s like a thousand years old now, this should be super rad!

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This bag contains 30 smaller bags filled with through-hole goodness for my Neumann U87 clone build. As soon as the PCBs arrive I can start stuffing and soldering!

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