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Random Ask: If you know anyone in Puget Sound (Seattle area including Lake Washington or North of that) that has a deep-water dock or private mooring ball and is open to renting it out or hosting us occasionally, please put us in touch.

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welp, that went poorly - sorry about the temporary downtime, I'm going to have to look more deeply into the theme issue in a little bit.

Okay, looks like we're back but missing our custom theme - I'll investigate and remedy this failing. Otherwise, welcome to v2.6.5 and stuff!

okay, Club - I'm about to restart services - see you in a moment, hopefully ;)

Hey, club, currently taking a backup snapshot before upgrading the instance to 2.6.5 - apologies in advance for any hiccups.

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This sure is some Dark Web Patterns bullshit. Am I saying “yes” to “send me email to confirm I just bought tickets to see George Clinton next week”, or “yes” to “subscribe me to TSA Pre-Check Except With An Extra Middleman email”? Ugh, Ticketmaster.

Also, I am going to go see George Clinton next week! He’s like a thousand years old now, this should be super rad!

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This bag contains 30 smaller bags filled with through-hole goodness for my Neumann U87 clone build. As soon as the PCBs arrive I can start stuffing and soldering!

If I'm going to be honest, I'm kinda upset we never got a collaboration between Sly Fox and Samantha Fox.

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(This is why linernotes doesn't live with the toot-lab)

Welp, the DL380 housing the toot-lab decided to freak the hell out and doesn't wanna turn back on.

Not how I wanted to spend my Saturday.

My regrets to the sidekiq queues of the 'verse.

The toot-lab shall return.

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Hello! New here and looking forward to getting involved. I'll say hi by sharing my all-time fave record, the self-titled 12" by Psi Com (pre-fame Perry Farrell) - total goth-rock masterpiece! Hope you enjoy

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Preview of my upcoming album. Out on the 1st of December on gUtter cvnt.
Hoping you'll like it!

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A little article I wrote some time ago about principles that help me for my music.
How I write music by Stéphane Jeannin

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A rainy Thursday afternoon and a new member - welcome @icoste to the Club! :blobpats:

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