Taking the yacht out for a spin on Memorial Day weekend. Quite fond of this album.

Some Gerry Rafferty on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Definitely not going to have a flight to London and hear the buskers playing Baker Street in the tube anytime soon, but can listen to it here.

Uh oh. A new DJ has stepped in while I wasn’t looking. He says he’s “DJ Cat”.

Got a warped record - Gave it to the 7 y/o so he made himself a DJ setup :-)

Thankful for the USPS and their continuing deliveries of fun stuff!

This morning's quarantine dance party was courtesy of my 16 y/o self's taste in music... some late 90s commercial

Nostalgia time is fun 🙂

Stocked up on food... would be doing some gardening as the springtime weeds are multplying fast, but it's raning, so inside and some Rhett Miller.

Enjoy this album quite a bit. It's really 'Rhett Miller with Black Prairie'- the band started by some of the Decemberists. Also has contributions from Peter Buck.


Enjoying some pleasant power pop tonight. Go Fly a Kite by Ben Kweller is a nice easy listen in stressful times 🙂

Saturday morning 😀 Everybody in the street. Get, get, get, get down to the funky beat!

Finally made it through emails and settling down to some to serious work to some . Working from home is still a great privilege when it comes to enjoying working to music all day, without it having to be headphones and an iPod or similar.

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