Taking the yacht out for a spin on Memorial Day weekend. Quite fond of this album.

Enjoying the Miles Davis, Emma-Jean Thackray, Herb Alpert combo on yesterday's 6 Music Radcliffe & Maconie show.

Emma-Jean Thackray Movementt is good stuff...


Some Gerry Rafferty on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Definitely not going to have a flight to London and hear the buskers playing Baker Street in the tube anytime soon, but can listen to it here.

Uh oh. A new DJ has stepped in while I wasn’t looking. He says he’s “DJ Cat”.

Got a warped record - Gave it to the 7 y/o so he made himself a DJ setup :-)

Just spent a couple of minute trying to will into existence an Arman van Helden remix of Cold War Kids' - Complainer... hmmm. It made sense in my brain.


That was the classy/trendy stuff. May have some Timberlake, Shaggy and Charles and Eddie also :-)

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Thankful for the USPS and their continuing deliveries of fun stuff!

This morning's quarantine dance party was courtesy of my 16 y/o self's taste in music... some late 90s commercial

Nostalgia time is fun 🙂

Not often The Bluetones get an outing on the radio these days. Nice surprise to hear The Fountainhead listening to 6 music.

Was at this recorded concert with my now wife, at the Shepherd's Bush Empire nearly 15 years ago now. It's nice to have the CD of that night.


Stocked up on food... would be doing some gardening as the springtime weeds are multplying fast, but it's raning, so inside and some Rhett Miller.

Enjoy this album quite a bit. It's really 'Rhett Miller with Black Prairie'- the band started by some of the Decemberists. Also has contributions from Peter Buck.


Enjoying some pleasant power pop tonight. Go Fly a Kite by Ben Kweller is a nice easy listen in stressful times 🙂

Saturday morning 😀 Everybody in the street. Get, get, get, get down to the funky beat!

Finally made it through emails and settling down to some to serious work to some . Working from home is still a great privilege when it comes to enjoying working to music all day, without it having to be headphones and an iPod or similar.

Hi all. Just opened a secondary account here (I'm mainly @dctrud) for music related stuff.

Have eclectic tastes, with a particular soft spot for 80s synth-pop, 90s British indie, and 90s dance stuff. Looking forward to finding new music here.

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