Anyone got any recs for Jazz released in the past couple of years? I'm talkin' hot n' fresh stuff from either this year or the previous one, preferable stuff that's pushing boundaries.

That's pretty much all there is to say on the matter.

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Favorite track has gotta be the cut of Don't Mess With Mister T, and Caravan and Cantaloupe Island are both close behind.

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Jeff Goldblum released a Jazz album and I really liked it! What a pleasant surprise.

There's something primally satisfying about Languish's Unworthy. I really enjoy it's breakneck pace and the loud and heavy aesthetic it's got going on.

Every so often my Favorites Mix will toss me a track from an album I listened to a lot a couple months ago, and I remember how good it was. This time it's Black Wash by Pagan.

Somali Yacht Club's The Sun +1 is some real good heavy metal shit right here

Love, Loss, and Auto-Tune is a pretty interesting new album by an artist called Swamp Dogg. It’s hard to describe, kinda alt-rocky, kinda jazzy, and some cool use of auto-tune all make for a weird, but interesting package. I like it.

The Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

starting the weekend off right by listening to some new old music

anyway since i've turned this into a thread this was mostly inspired by the post that was made a bit ago about a subgenre of vaporwave called heatwave... i'm not exactly a producer of any sort but i slapped this bad boy together in audacity to kinda show what heatwave would sound like to me... idk if i really like the final project but i wouldn't know the first thing about vaporwavery or how to make it super good anyway so i aint stressin

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just finished listening to Deafheaven's Ordinary Corrupt Human Love for the first time. gonna have to listen to it a few more times. definitely worth a listen.

Just listened to Post Predatorial Support for the Mentally Ill by Whitley Gerlach. It's a cool little album that crosses over a few different genres and I think you should check it out!

2018 midyear list! no particular oder, i just like my charts to look aesthetically pleasing

man . . . "Anti-Matter" is so good. one of the best DOOM tracks imo

Year of the Snitch.
earlier in the year i listened to The Money Store for the first time, and as an intro to Death Grips it was pretty solid stuff. looking forward to this album

d e a t h
g r i p s
i s
o n l i n e

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