I love listening to albums & I do listen to playlists from time to time too. Pitch imperfect: ‘This process of trying to get on playlists is becoming borderline farcical’ musically.com/2019/02/15/pitch


"Playlists are the new albums" Hmm

@codkelpme Hmmm indeed. They're more like the new mixtapes, but made by someone that doesn't know anything about you except what records you have on your shelves.
Not being on Spotify I haven't gone near playlists. If there was an open format for them I'd be interested in finding a playlist-maker to fill the gap that John Peel (say) left, but that's not going to pay anyone's VC funding.

@priryo You're welcome. I've watched it a few times. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it.

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