@codkelpme It seems strange to focus on how we use electricity rather than how we generate it. Streaming music doesn't harm the planet more than any other usage of the same amount of electricity. And in fact it may harm it less since many of the big datacenter companies have put a lot of resources into trying to use greener power.

We need to switch to green generation of electricity, not try to micromanage how electricity is used.

@codkelpme Also, when you compare streaming music to the thousands of CDs you'd have to buy to be able to get the variety of music the average person listens to on streaming services, it comes out way ahead.

@freakazoid How about the option of going back to listening to (community) radio?

@codkelpme THAT would be fantastic, though IMO for helping strengthen communities rather than for energy efficiency reasons.

Downloading is also way more energy efficient than streaming. Yay pirates!

@codkelpme @freakazoid

I still buy CDs. Knowing that I don't have to subscribe to anything to keep the access going is reassuring.

It's comparable to renting vs. buying a home 🏘️ - In long term, the renter could be paying similar amount, but still don't own anything.

Also, streaming has no second hand market.

Youtube is great for music discovery and streaming - Account not required

@ninja @codkelpme DRM is mostly gone from purchased digital music, so I think the only real reason for buying a CD is if you want a completely lossless copy. Though for all I know online music stores are offering FLAC these days.

@freakazoid @codkelpme

When buying FLAC files, consumers get the same DRM-free perpetual license as in buying CDs - That's fine.

What I won't pay for is subscription services such as Tidal, Spotify - Access is lost or crippled with ads the moment consumer stop paying

@ninja @freakazoid Have you heard of Resonate? I looked in to them late last year. They are still early days but I find it a fascinating model. I'm going to keep my eye (ear) on them. resonate.is/

@codkelpme @ninja I don't really care about pricing models; I care about discovery, particularly of CC-licensed stuff. Paying for the leftovers of the content cartel is not going to change anything.

@codkelpme @ninja Primarily word of mouth, community radio (KKUP), and various streaming radio stations from radiobrowser.org, but also Magnatune and libre.fm.

@codkelpme That compares streaming vs vinyl and such, but isn't just storing a local copy of the digital files fine? The local collection of music files for those things you want to replay a lot… right?

@wolftune If I recall correctly I thought it mentioned that if you played something over 27 times they suggest downloading file to your phone/computer.

@codkelpme Interesting, I wasn't aware of that (obviously didn't read carefully). I think we need to figure out how to internalize all the costs of the streaming data centers. Probably a carbon tax or similar…

@codkelpme New to me, first impressions: Yay co-op; hrm blockchain (I'm still skeptical); don't like *any* form of tying payment to playing because playing is often about engaging with culture (including culture I *dislike*) and I'd rather pay for what I actually want funded, not just what captures my attention;

Paying for rights to non-rivalrous stuff stinks and I'm working on Snowdrift.coop @snowdrift in order to not have such paywalls…

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