@laura @aral Thank you for articulating what I was feeling in my gut about Facebook, Google, Instagram, surveillance capitalism, etc Specifically I'd like to thank Aral for this: & Laura for this: Because of you folks I joined Mastodon. I found an instance ( I'm so stoked to be a part of. All the best. 👍

@codkelpme @laura You’re very welcome :) Thank you for your kind words and welcome to the fediverse :)

@aral @codkelpme @laura Its sad to think that these massive tech companies are doing all this mass data collection to spy on us and serve us ads (and worse) for a profit of just a few bucks per user per year.

Running centralized email, social, maps, voice recognition and search services is inexpensive when you have a large userbase it seems, otherwise these tech titans wouldn't be anywhere near their current size.

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