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@laura @aral Thank you for articulating what I was feeling in my gut about Facebook, Google, Instagram, surveillance capitalism, etc Specifically I'd like to thank Aral for this: & Laura for this: Because of you folks I joined Mastodon. I found an instance ( I'm so stoked to be a part of. All the best. 👍

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I just found out that Dick Dale died this weekend :blobsad: Farewell man

Dick Dale "Misirlou Twist"

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Passed 200 000 scrobbles this month on Last. fm. It would have been nice to see the stats from Feb. 2006 to Feb 2011. I wish I hadn't deleted my account in 2011. 😧 Anyway. My top 8 listened to artists since 2011.

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🎶 Caaaaan you feeeeel the foooork tonight?… 🎶

I love listening to albums & I do listen to playlists from time to time too. Pitch imperfect: ‘This process of trying to get on playlists is becoming borderline farcical’

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@codkelpme It seems strange to focus on how we use electricity rather than how we generate it. Streaming music doesn't harm the planet more than any other usage of the same amount of electricity. And in fact it may harm it less since many of the big datacenter companies have put a lot of resources into trying to use greener power.

We need to switch to green generation of electricity, not try to micromanage how electricity is used.

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Can you imagine being the oral surgeon who replaced Shane MacGowan’s teeth?

How do you follow something like that up?

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Yola’s Journey From the Darkness of Massive Attack to Her Harmonious Debut

​The Bristol-born musician blends country and soul on Walk Through Fire, which was produced and co-written by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys.

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@codkelpme I can't believe SENRI KAWAGUCHI is not on that list. there's no drummer outside of US on that list too

Well, here's miss senri:

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