Hmmm, something on r.l is read-only I think, I can't post or fave/boost

every song on Thirteenth Step is still a banger to this day

people are folk, so any music made by people is folk music, checkmate athiests

it is competely wild that someone could be this good, and what a gorgeous song

tfw you turn on the delay pedal and simply vibe

i've been listening to more shoegaze recently...i knew the classic stuff but hadn't really kept up with the genre. so far one of my favorite groups is Ringo Deathstarr, they're SO GOOD

sweetwater's "easy payments" system is going to get me in trouble

post-rock is just instrumental shoegaze, change my mind

me: makes a classic rock station on Pandora, seeded with Queen, Tom Petty, CCR, Eagles, etc

Pandora: "How about some Evanescence?"


classic rock lyrics updated for the modern day 

🎶 ze was a long, cool enby in a black dress 🎶

The intro to "Eminence Front" is the most non-The-Who sounding The Who song there is

it's...a put-on

I've had "all I want" by toad the wet sprocket stuck in my head for like a week now and I blame @djsundog and @nowplaying

@erinbee ahhh that reminds me i've been wanting to listen to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road for a while now, I should queue it up

today I feel like listening to Coheed's entire catalog 😛

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