me: makes a classic rock station on Pandora, seeded with Queen, Tom Petty, CCR, Eagles, etc

Pandora: "How about some Evanescence?"


classic rock lyrics updated for the modern day 

🎶 ze was a long, cool enby in a black dress 🎶

The intro to "Eminence Front" is the most non-The-Who sounding The Who song there is

it's...a put-on

I've had "all I want" by toad the wet sprocket stuck in my head for like a week now and I blame @djsundog and @nowplaying

today I feel like listening to Coheed's entire catalog 😛

i know ukuleles can be super twee and annoying, but I like having one around the house to tool around on every once in a while

i've been a musician for 20 years now, mostly playing guitar and a small variety of stringed instruments. I love to talk shop and I enjoy all sorts of different music, so if you would like to talk about Meshuggah's polyrhythms, your favorite Bartók string quartet, which Aesop Rock album is best (it's Labor Days jsyk), how Fogerty totally got shafted by Fantasy Records, or pretty much anything else music-related, I'd love to hear about it


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