Tricky has a new lp (?) out today. I question calling it an lp because the 8 tunes clock in just under 23 minutes

For me he always works best when he lets his guest vocalists carry the weight of the singing. I don't think he voices in until track 6. I will listen again to be sure but for now I love the bassline in this cut. Enjoy and Happy Friday

Was in the lobby of the Sandman Hotel on Davie St in Van City

The sounds ystem was playing Glory Box. I was in heaven

a fave for so many reasons. still to this day I will occasionally sing to myself "daddy was a bankrobber, but he never hurt nobody"

Happy Birthday John Graham Mellor aka Joe Strummer born on this day in 1952. You are still with us in so many ways.

2nd photo is the handwritten lyrics from London Calling.

From this past weekend is this amazing set from Jennifer Lee aka TOKiMONSTA.

The set gets really cooking about the 5 min mark when she has guest vocalists VanJess appear to help with a TOKiMONSTA original. As the vocalists leave after there number we get an amazing mix that had me with the OMG face. She mixed in a remix of Tame Impala's Let it Happen and it never sounded so good.

So with that in mind you should just Let it Happen

New music from the Ninja Tune label. Listened through once and had no great objections. Today will be listen 2.

Was happy to see Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs making a guest appearance.

Some straight ahead floor bangers and some slow burners populate this effort and we are all the better for it

How goofy is this? Falls under the misheard (?) lyrics.

The Smiths - How Soon is Now

I always understood the lyrics to be "I am the Sun and the Air" and just saw it written out as "Son and the Heir"

If I actually tried to understand lyrics in songs (usually don't and that's why I'm not a big fan of musicals) that would change everything

Great chill set for a warm summer early eve live from Squamish.....The Librarian

this was not what I expected when I saw the sign from another aisle

these were not the albums I expected

totally forgot about this collaboration. saw the dance troupe on their own and they were incredible. count on Bowie to mix genres and disciplines

friend posted this effort from a band of "friends" saying "remember recording these a couple of years ago, nice to see them released"

Love the keyboards

There's a reason that 4AD has always been my go to label. They always champion new, unique performers. Can't say I love everything that comes from the label but it will always get consideration (a listen). And with all the "cult" bands don't forget they did give M/A/R/R/S too

With that in mind

Reading about Morricone's influence on David Holmes and got curious to see what the Irish Producer/DJ has been up to these days (previous soundtracks were the Clooney Oceans movies and a solid back catalog of straight up solid LPs). This would then fall into not quite new music but newly discovered (sort of) category.

Found Unloved They are responsible for the music to Killing Eve. Lots of the Holmes trademarks are here including his uncanny ability to create mood/timbre.

Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone pose together in their primary school year book, 1937

This was a trip hop tribute to Morricone made in 2001. Had almost forgot about it 🙏

First day out in a week. Sunny day had me a bit nostalgic (this does not happen often)

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