from a pitchfork review of 4ad's newest signings:

Of the EP The One "sounds thoughtful and unified, a series of tiny worlds within the same universe of delicate keys, billowing synths, and subtle 808s"

From composing classical music played by ensembles in China and Venezuela at age 15 to now offering a unique perspective on the rap/r&b genre at 19 the future is limitless

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Once again grateful that came late Thursday as I got an early taste of the highly anticipated Last Year was Weird Vol 3 from Aussie r&b/hip hop artist Tkay Maidza.

We got teased earlier this year (when she covered fellow 4AD artist The Pixies' Where is my Mind) that she was going to use her voice more as a singer but by track 4 she is giving her inner Missy a work out.

The production is at times sparse and at times rich and oh so phat when it wants to be. We begin in Eden and by the end are reminded to Breathe. Chose the cut High Beams as most indicative of everything she has to offer.

Vols 1 and 2 are great as well and you can see the production/career progression of you listen from the beginning

Just learned that Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream frontman) was once the drummer for The Jesus and Mary Chain 🤯

Over the last 2 days I've heard some great new lps 1. With Opened Eyes by Vindata on Van City's own Monstercat records 2. Another Dawn the debut from Massane) Both would keep any Caribou, Bronson or Bonobo fan happy.

But the one that keeps guessing, humming and intrigued is the collaboration of two Montreal artists titled Hildegard. It was made in 8 days and each song is named after the day it was recorded.

So with that I offer Jour 3 "an ear-popping blend of slinky vocals and stabs of attitude and noise"

It's been a while but happy to once again say "the anticipation is building"

Realizing that this is no guarantee because of the need to cross a border but hopefully by Nov (as the NHL received a special exemption for border crossing during the final 2 rounds of the Stanley Cup)

Well I've been down the rabbit hole for about 90 minutes now and I will thank TOKiMONSTA for that. Heard a cut today that made me stop and begin the search for the artist. I found ZHU and in a review of his latest release there was a reference to a streamed live performance on a moving train through Montana.

As he walks through the train you see a drummer, guitarist, flutist (also plays sax) and (I call it) a "box of possibilities" for ZHU to play with when he's not entrancing you with his falsetto. This is not EDM but IDM. The show really picks up steam and finds it full stride about 15-20 minutes in and 30 minutes after that I'm exclaiming "where are you going? it isn't over, is it?!!"

All aboard the Billings Locomotive. It's an amazing musical ride through the sun set.....

Saw this tonight and my first thought was

Most every LP I've ever listened to because that's how I listen to music usually, the whole lp from start to finish

From the You Learn Something New Every Day file:

Suzanne Ciani (electronic music pioneer and god) was responsible for the Coca Cola "sound" of the bottle opening and pouring made famous in their commercials

this lp popped up in my fb memories very recently and then i found that i had missed Tim's Twitter Listening Party (Burgess of Charlatans UK)

if you cue up the album after clicking the link below you can get a real time replay of the tweets (curated by Laurie herself) of the festivities.

i will be doing this, with headphones, later this evening

Saint Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart on the in store music.

I like this place

Watched Underplayed last night and really enjoyed it. From Suzanne Ciani bookending the doc with her devices (that mini theremin was too cool to Tygapaw speaking of how Grace Jones (rejected by Jamaica because she did not fit the "classic" look/style) through Alison Wonderland saying she only wants to perform with live instruments and vocals, gives us a very unique perspective on the electronic music scene.

Now on Crave and Amazon TV

I am seriously infatuated with the latest signing of 4ad records and not, I repeat not, because of the attached video.

The infatuation began about one minute into her Boiler Room DJ set (on youtube) but for now only the freshest from a new favourite.

Erika de Casier

I'm probably a little late to the party in this one but the drum intro on The Weeknd's Blinding Lights is very similar to A-ha's Take on Me and the synth melody would not be out of place on any DM (or similar synth group's) song

It's my ear worm these days 🥺

semi unpopular opinion but I just rewatched The Weeknd's performance and it was a solid 14 minutes of entertainment.

the part that made me really sit up was when they played something from his first mixtape that relied heavily on Siouxsie's Happy House.

i've since dug a little deeper and he even has an early tune that sampled Cocteau Twins Cherry Coloured Funk

watched outside of the context of a sporting event gives it a whole new feel. and if you're so inclined check out one of his first three mixtapes that are available as a free download. some of it is explicit

Rest in Power 🙏

A favourite cut from SOPHIE's grammy nominated (2018) release that also appeared on Flume's Mixtape (also nominated for the electronica Grammy 2019)

How often does the same song appear on 2 grammy nominated albums?

npr shared this new release from the forthcoming Miss Grit EP. a trained sound engineer that enjoys building her own guitar pedals. a great sound, you're welcome....

This Friday is and I highly recommend getting Yu Su's full catalogue

You will not be disappointed.

A night in the life of one dedicated to the pursuit of new music 3/3

I'm certain this is not what I was looking for so I went back to my Google results and saw that the LP I was listening was not the title. Further down saw a bandcamp link for the LP I was looking for. As soon as I heard the first notes I realized this is what I was looking and that it was now almost 5 a.m. so I resolved to listen to only 2 tunes and go back to bed. I'm happy to have found it and highly recommend her lo-fi/ambient beats and soundscapes. It's playing in the car today as we drive around doing our necessary errands

A musical journey of discovery does not know what time if day it is. It was a 2 for 1 experience

Here she is with the new release Yellow River Blue

Here it is

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