Grateful for the constancy of a walk to the market for the evening's dinner

It's a return to finding the simpler pleasures of life (as an upside to this social distancing/isolationism)

My soundtrack will be the new Little Dragon release. Listened once but it became background..

New Orb and new Little Dragon today. I'm curious as to why the Orb is not on Google Play Music but available on YouTube music. Both owned by the same company so πŸ€”

Had an itch that I scratched (hee hee hee) on for some early Shadow and was most happy especially as I neared my stop and found I was at this track

Nice when things just come together like that

A very interesting look at the artist known as TOKiMONSTA. From how she constructs her music to her battle back from 2 brain surgeries.

Truck door, rocks, snare (you'll understand if you watch...tease.....tease)

I figured out why I'm rarely nostalgic musically and I think it's because there's enough people out there doing it (pseudoly for me)

Vicariously nostalgic through another's eyes. Thanks to all!!!


At times smokey, twangy, aggressive and always enticing is this release spotted yesterday on Bandcamp

"sort of girl group" Juniore self coined their music as "ye-ye noir", a French approximation of sixties beat music with their own dark take on it. I'm smitten

My started by seeing mostly singles on my recommended list until I looked elsewhere and found the new TOKiMONSTA - Oasis Nocturne.

A review stated "a bouncy indie rock crossover with equal parts thumping 808s and chunky guitar chords" about the attached cut. Mmmmm 808s

I've found my main tunes for the day. Great mix of guests and styles all under the command of her exquisite production. I must remind as well of her 2 brain surgeries in 2016 where she lost her sight and hearing but enough of my prattle....

Moments ago the 2nd single from the upcoming Purity Ring release

From Zach Schonfeld Newsweek contributor comes your PSA for today:

MIKE D: Well I'm Mike D but you can call me
MIKE D: Stayin at home to avoid
AD-ROCK: When I quarantine, I still dress my
MCA: I be washing my hands like Lady

Sunday Eve 9 pm pacific time is an odd time to release an LP especially if it's rumoured to be your last. Was quite surprised last year when my 13 yr old nephew was trying to tell me about them (but he kept pronouncing the name wrong, I blame his mom πŸ˜πŸ˜†). Always a fan but tend to lean toward small (one LP listen per 6 months) doses

Die Antwoord - House of Zef (audio only)

Yesterday was driving with my lady friend to meet my visiting sister. On the way we're listening to Dj Shadow - The Pathetic Age and she says "is this new music?" and begins to make turntable scratching motions

I was so proud. Thanks to Kid Koala and the Turntable Orchestra show for teaching a 50+ yr old Hong Kong native the basic techniques. Changing lives forever πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹

This tune couldn't be more fresh. Released this morning and a very fun video accompanies the chill beats and vocals. I will be awaiting her full release on April 2 (fyi it's a Thursday not a )

After those great dub tracks from earlier this week I was reminded of another project. This one's from (correct me if I'm wrong) Toronto. Friends have told me it's the music that is played before Big Sugar (if your from Cent. Ontario you know) concerts. A production company reworked their tunes in a dub style. Always enjoy this lp. Happy Sunday Funday

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Aerosmith, Bruno Mars and Shania Twain are NOT reasons to go to Vegas. Trade Shows, Food and Gambling do it for me.

Actually the one time I was there I did go cd shopping at Tower Records (it was a long time ago)

And then I just had to share this with a friend. She had never heard it before.

I think I'll have.........Toast

had me giving a full spin to the US Girls and really got a '70s vibe from a lot of it (the use of lyrics from MacArthur Park didn't hurt that impression). 4AD continues to be my label of choice with Ninja Tune a close second

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