Which leads me to:

Do you have a favorite live show?

Which one?

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@ajroach42 I've been terrified to do a thorough enough survey to have a favorite show for fear I'd end up living in a rusted out vw microbus like my uncle Scott tbh

@djsundog @ajroach42 I wish I could find my favorite again. It was a Winterland show, mid 70s I think, with a version of Broke Down Palace that raised goosebumps. A friend of mine and occasional road crew, who lives in a broke down VW microbus, used to play it on band road trips. But last time I asked, he says he has no memory of it. But then, he has no memory of the entire 90's, so no surprise there.

@djsundog I'm only slightly joking. It's not a VW microbus, it's some kind of 80's Dodge van, the sort you expect to find on He lives somewhere on the outskirts of Austin, where it broke down on the way back from a Phish show out west a few years ago.

@cheesegrits @djsundog have you looked through the archive collection any?

I mean, there are dozens of mid seventies winterland shows, but how many of them have broke down palace?

@ajroach42 @djsundog actually I just spent the last half hour looking for it, found what is apparently the exhaustive list of Winterland BDP performances, and will have a listen tomorrow.

@ajroach42 @djsundog ack phfft, I can't find it - it probably wasn't even Winterland, knowing my friend's memory. Although my search did lead me to this rather tasty Winterland version of it (not the one I'm thinking of though, which had Godchaux playing B3, not piano).

@cheesegrits @djsundog For him to be playing the Hammond, it'd almost have to be early 70s, right? He gave up on organs entirely towards the end of his run with the dead, much to the consternation of the rest of the band, iirc.

@ajroach42 @djsundog that I did not know. Which helps narrow it down. I'll carry on digging.

@cheesegrits @ajroach42 @djsundog also, if it was a B3 it may have been a post-Godchaux show. Brent was all about the B3. Maybe the Dead Set 10/3/80 version?

@djsundog more or less same.

That’s why I’m asking for others favorites.

I know three or four shows fairly well, but I’ve never ventured beyond that.



The Dead and Company shows with John Mayer and Oteil are pretty good.

@pierrecalmeilles That's hard to say, because I'm not ... I'm not really a Dead Fan, you know?

I listen to them casually, and occasionally, but I barely know the canon.

I have a cassette of a performance they did in the early 90s with Ornette Coleman that I really like, and listen to often. I have a few tapes of 70s shows that get occasional rotation as well, but I can't pinpoint which off the top of my head.

I'm a little afraid to *really* jump in to the archive, because I know that I wouldn't emerge for months or years, and that I would emerge a different person.

This one, though, Veneta 72, is pretty damn good.

@ajroach42 Glad that you found it good ! Maybe you know the mythical Cornell 77 ? But if you don't, you should try.
And yeah, you might become a different person. Welcome among the Deadheads !

@pierrecalmeilles I've heard it a time or two, but it's not one I know very well. I'll give it a spin today.

Thanks for the suggestions, and I welcome any others.

@ajroach42 4/23/77 and 5/9/77 and 1/22/78 are my favorites.

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