Listening to Incense and Peppermints by The Strawberry Alarm Clock as I work.

This is the debut album from 67, not the comp with a similar name from the 90s or the single (

It's an acid/psych rock album with some sunshine/bubblegum elements.

It's what I want:
1) The Critters to be (and sometimes they are.)
2) The Free Design to do when they aren't singing kites are fun (but they never do)
3) to have come out of our recording studio here at the maker space.

(Shit, that's a whole thread. I guess I'm about to write a whole thread.)

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This album wasn't ever really reissued on CD, except in an exceedingly hard to find Japanese press.

There was also a somewhat recent Sundazed reissue on vinyl.

This is Exceptionally weird, because the lead single from this album was a #1 hit, the band had two top forty hits, and five charting singles. This is not an obscure album, it hit #11 in the billboard album charts.

But it has basically fallen off the cultural radar, in ways that significantly less successful albums from the same era (and frankly worse albums from the same era) did not.

It's good, go listen to it.

(Now to thread about music on main. See you at )

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