A wasteland companion by M Ward is a really great album.

The song Watch The Show is, and I cannot stress this strongly enough, good.

oh no. *sweats profusely* unggggh. oh no.

Cut Your Own Vinyl Records With This $1,100 Machine.

The psp go was an even smaller psp revision with a sliding mechanism and no umd drive. The lack of umd was pretty inconvenient when it was released but is not a problem with a hacked system.

@ajroach42 Many of the works of dobbs.town 's own @PseudoNovalis are electronic tunes that reference the past. Renaldo and the Loaf issued "The Elbow is Taboo" in 1987, and many of those songs were attempts to blend electronic and experimental and medieval. Try "A Street Called Straight" from that recording. More recently, the sound and visuals of Renaldo and The Loaf performing "A Convivial Ode"


I think I found the musical genre I've been searching for: Dungeon Synth.

I've been looking specifically for things that evoke the same sense of scope and scale and future but the past but the future but the past as Music from the Lord of the Rings by Bo Hansson.

I found a whole genre, which includes this album:


So far, this is verging on masterpiece territory.

Today is a good day to listen to one of the few perfect albums in existence: The Cars by The Cars.

Hold your loved ones close.

Currently listening to Whatcha Doin' by The Go for the first time (thanks Jack) and it's knocking my damn socks off.

Some neat things I found and want to play with but don't really have the time 

3) if it was released after 1991 (the year the car was made) I need a damn good reason for including it.

4) Greatest hits, compilations, and mixtapes are on the table, if and only if they are already in my library in that organizational structure. I can't make a new mix.

5) The Savory Jazz collection a) counts as a single CD even though it isn't b) counts as a pre 1999 release, even though it sort of isn't, c) if included, must be complete, d) probably shouldn't be included until round two.

I've added some more restrictions to my CD quest in the name of making it a little easier on myself to live with the compromises that I'm making.

1) It must be an album for which I currently have access to digital files. I am not downloading anything new. (this limits me a lot, because the vast majority of my music collection is on vinyl, and I supplement with streaming services.)

2) it must have been released before the year 2000 (it's a 90s car, this seemed thematically appropriate.)

open to find him 

I woke up this morning with a blistering headache. I'm midway through my third cup of coffee, it's almost 1pm.

It's time for some Flat Duo Jets.

I'm back to working on Intergalactic Social (the in universe social network for Jupiter's Ghost and my #FakedTV projects)

I'm listening to NMH's In The Aeroplane Over the Sea, but I really want something a little more spacey.

Gimmie a suggestion plz?

Recently I've been listening to music from my early 20s again.

Specifically, the music that I strongly associate with the period in my life that I don't think about a lot because it was difficult and I made mistakes.

I have enough distance at this point that I'm able to actually think about this stuff again, listen to it, without getting bogged down by people.

Anyway, Morning Teleportation was a great little psych outfit making music in like 2009.

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