I'm having a hard time tonight for reasons I don't fully understand, so The Wild Hunt by The Tallest Man on Earth.

This is one of those slow, perfect melancholy with a wink and a nod albums that just begs to be listened to in the highest possible quality on the best equipment available.

I'm not doing that. I'm using my cheapest pair of headphones and streaming the thing from 128k mp3s off of an old server I forgot I still had kicking around because I don't have my music with me, but I do have access to this old server while I fix/destroy it.

Talking bootlegs 

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Talking bootlegs 

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Talking bootlegs 

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In the meantime, I need to expand my collection of concert bootlegs and studio outtakes of ... basically everyone who was releasing music in the 60s or 70s.

What's your favorite bootleg?

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The lesson here is that plex doesn't shuffle as well as cmus, I think.

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I will occasionally shuffle my mobile music library, which is all the same stuff as my PC library without a bunch of things that might not really count as music, and with the addition of a bunch of local music from back home.

I should really get the local tracks re-integrated in to the main library I guess.

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I clicked Shuffle on my local music library, and the result has been a wild morning:

Zappa - Don't eat the yellow snow
Rosetta Tharpe - Feed Me Jesus
Bowie - Where are We Now
Hendrix - In from the Storm
Zappa - Run Home Slow
Pikachu Records - Parasect
Prince - Controversy
Dylan - Blowin' in the Wind
Raconteurs - These Stones will shout
Beatles - Savoy Truffle
Beatles - Golden Slumbers (outtake)
Rosetta Tharpe - Heaven is not my Home
The Clash - Dirty Punk
Iron Maiden - The Prisoner
Protest the Hero - Sequoia Throne

... I think my shuffle might be broken. I don't have *that* much zappa or tharpe for them to each be double represented in such a short time. Also, going from Rosetta Tharpe to The Clash was especially challenging.

It's a Rock n Roll Animal to drown out the hordes of teenagers kind of day.


It's a country music kind of morning, by way of The Secret Sisters.


I saw Jake La Botz open for another artist a while back, and bought his album. Here’s his newest release.

It’s kind of like, what if Tom Waits looked like Odo from DS9, but in a good way?

A wasteland companion by M Ward is a really great album.

The song Watch The Show is, and I cannot stress this strongly enough, good.

oh no. *sweats profusely* unggggh. oh no.

Cut Your Own Vinyl Records With This $1,100 Machine.

The psp go was an even smaller psp revision with a sliding mechanism and no umd drive. The lack of umd was pretty inconvenient when it was released but is not a problem with a hacked system.

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@ajroach42 Many of the works of dobbs.town 's own @PseudoNovalis are electronic tunes that reference the past. Renaldo and the Loaf issued "The Elbow is Taboo" in 1987, and many of those songs were attempts to blend electronic and experimental and medieval. Try "A Street Called Straight" from that recording. More recently, the sound and visuals of Renaldo and The Loaf performing "A Convivial Ode"


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