A piece about the Melbourne post-punk “little band” scene of the late 70s/early 80s:


A comprehensive study by independent researchers at SceneStats confirmed that posers are the sole reason DIY music scenes across the country are able to stay afloat:


Ever wonder what Life Without Buildings would have sounded like as glitchy Berlin laptop electronica? Well, wonder no more:


The Sarah Records influence on Swedish indiepop; I’d add Club 8 and Sambassadeur to that list, buy otherwise, 👍

Currently listening to: Dominic Pierce — “Hoop Loop$”


I found it via the recent Bandcamp blog post on neo-New-Jack-Swing, though it’s more a chopped-up, vaporwave-adjacent instrumental hip-hop, all low-key beats and R&B harmonies on digital synths, the smoothness sublimated into a hazy sense of dèja vu. Somewhere between Vektroid/Macintosh Plus and Japanese instrumental hip-hop like Kuromoji,

Listening to (the recent rerelease of) Stereolab’s “Dots And Loops” a lot recently; seriously, how good is that album?

Tonight’s mundane yet oddly detailed dream: reconstructing My Favorite’s “John Dark vs. Leisure Enthusiast” in Ableton Live

Interesting interview with Jenny Hval about her (excellent) new album, The Practice Of Love: “How Dried Figs, Norwegian Coffee, and Rotting Porn Magazines Inspired The Practice of Love”:


It looks like Apparat Organ Quartet (the Icelandic krautrock/electropop combo the late Jóhann Jóhannsson was in) have not disbanded, and have a new track. This one has a bit of a roller-disco vibe.


A playlist of (Stuart Memo, formerly of Bis's selection of) top tracks featuring the Roland TR-808:

includes, among others, Marvin Gaye, Charanjit Singh, S.O.S. Band, A Guy Called Gerald.

Tim and Laetitia of Stereolab talk to the Guardian about their history, some of their songs: 'There was craziness in getting lost and dizzy':


Glen Johnson of Piano Magic talks about their recordings and influences and the impending 20th-anniversary (!) rerelease of “Low Birth Weight”


It’s slightly disappointing that nothing similar is planned for the follow-up, “Artists’ Rifles”, which carried the post-This Mortal Coil, post-shoegaze poetic melancholia even further IMHO

@Nikolai_Kingsley No guitars or pyrotechnics; more like goth-club electro-industrial meets Eurovision techno

I just spent an evening in a packed room full of goths watching three Icelanders in bondage gear gyrating to industrial techno and singing/shouting what was probably acerbic political agitprop (though my Icelandic is nowhere near up to being able to confirm). But yes, Hatari were fun.

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