Experimental 00s-era spoken-word recordings from Sue Tompkins, formerly of Life Without Buildings:

Short-lived early-00s Scottish indie band Life Without Buildings find a new audience on TikTok:


There will, alas, not be a LWB reunion (or so they say), though Sue Tompkins did contribute her vocals to an experimental electronic record on the Berlin laptop-glitch label Farmers Manual a few years ago: farmersmanual.bandcamp.com/alb

Hot take: “sea shanties”, as per the recent fad, is just what we call folk music, after “folk music” started to refer to a particular set of stylistic affectations (i.e., hipster dudes with beards playing guitars and cosplaying Napoleonic-era peasants or whatever)

See also: “indie” as a genre rather than a provenance

A framing that just occurred to me: Severed Heads as proto-vaporwave

A forensic dissection of New Order’s “Blue Monday” (15m video): youtube.com/watch?v=Iyzk1Gwwu7

If you ever wanted an album of Christmas songs in a krautrock style (well, mostly Kraftwerk, though some Neu! and such), these guys in New Zealand have you sorted:


Currently going through my CD collection, reripping things to FLAC. If I could have one with, it would be to eliminate the “genre” field in audio files and replace it with a set of tags.

Every time I fill in metadata on a CD, the question of what genre it is comes up. Is it more “rock” or “pop”, “alternative” or “indie”? Is “indiepop” any non-mainstream songs with a verse/chorus structure, or a specific moment anchored after post-punk? What even is “goth”? And so on.

I mostly leave it blank.

Bandcamp purchases 

Merch Table, a web tool for finding the contents of Spotify playlists on Bandcamp:

Cherry Red have released a box set anthologising pagan/occult-leaning British folk-rock from the sixeventies; it sounds like it could be interesting:


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Reminder: it's Friday this Friday :bandcamp:

Note: this is possibly the last one (see daily.bandcamp.com/features/up "Because the pandemic is far from over, we’ll continue to hold Bandcamp Fridays on the first Friday of every month until the end of the year.")

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I mean we all knew the Bowie biopic was going to be a stinker, but this review really lays it out.

"...biopics get made because they make money, and more importantly, they win awards; we all know this. Actors get to do their favorite impressions, directors get to recreate iconic images and performances, which saves them the trouble of having any imagination. Album sales go up or whatever, win-win. They’re business meetings, not art."


A guide to “negative-decadent” youth subcultures in 1980s East Germany, as compiled by the Stasi, with English translation:

A pretty interesting interview with Dubstar, who talk about their recent recorded-in-isolation singles, the album they’re working on with Stephen Hague, and a bit about the 90s:

An interview with 90s/00s Melbourne band Lacto-Ovo, about their influences and records:

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