This is wild: a guy from LA faked a band (hiring session musos), faked footage of packed gigs, created a fake booking agency, and landed a tour of Europe. None of the 100s of ticket buyers showed up, of course, and then the shit hit the fan:

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Another Sarah Records tribute compilation; this time from a number of Italian bands. No, I haven’t heard of any of them either …

There’s a Balearic/chillwave cover of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” playing in this bike shop. As far as Balearic/chillwave shop mood music goes, it’s not bad.

Can’t hear the music over the bantz of the troika of hipbros standing in front of the stage.

Are The KLF about to unearth (fnord) their lost/unfinished metal album The Black Room?

New Infinite Works: an internet radio station broadcasting generative music, by William Doyle (formerly of East India Youth):

Currently listening to the new Kero Kero Bonito album; it’s somewhat skronkier and less J-pop glossy than its predecessors. It’s also on Bandcamp, conveniently enough:

Am I the only person who hallucinates a not actually present “check—check—check-check dis out” vocal sample in Saint Etienne’s “Only Love Can Break Your Heart”?

At the Saint Etienne “Good Humour” 20th anniversary gig at the British Library. It’s like a dads’ convention.

Also, the stage is in the library foyer, and the acoustics are atrocious.

Still, if you like 1960s fashion photography, there’s a nice slideshow being projected above the stage.

Shibuya-kei's not dead: I just discovered a set of compilations, released in 2016, in a (lightly updated) Shibuya-kei style, by Japanese artists (or perhaps someone pretending to be Japanese, though doing a convincing job of it).

Twee pop from Shenzhen:

(Featuring the song title that wins the hardest at twee: “Listening To Another Sunny Day Makes Me Forget You”)

Today’s Bandcamp Daily has a piece on the Psych Rock Scene in Chile, including Föllakzoid and The Holydrug Couple:

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If you have anything you have been thinking of buying on Bandcamp, today might be a good day for it, as they're donating their cut of the take to protect voting rights in the US:

(I just bought 40 items, including many that had been sitting in my wishlist/browser tabs for a while.)

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