Ever wonder what Life Without Buildings would have sounded like as glitchy Berlin laptop electronica? Well, wonder no more:


The Sarah Records influence on Swedish indiepop; I’d add Club 8 and Sambassadeur to that list, buy otherwise, 👍

Currently listening to: Dominic Pierce — “Hoop Loop$”


I found it via the recent Bandcamp blog post on neo-New-Jack-Swing, though it’s more a chopped-up, vaporwave-adjacent instrumental hip-hop, all low-key beats and R&B harmonies on digital synths, the smoothness sublimated into a hazy sense of dèja vu. Somewhere between Vektroid/Macintosh Plus and Japanese instrumental hip-hop like Kuromoji,

Listening to (the recent rerelease of) Stereolab’s “Dots And Loops” a lot recently; seriously, how good is that album?

Tonight’s mundane yet oddly detailed dream: reconstructing My Favorite’s “John Dark vs. Leisure Enthusiast” in Ableton Live

Interesting interview with Jenny Hval about her (excellent) new album, The Practice Of Love: “How Dried Figs, Norwegian Coffee, and Rotting Porn Magazines Inspired The Practice of Love”:


It looks like Apparat Organ Quartet (the Icelandic krautrock/electropop combo the late Jóhann Jóhannsson was in) have not disbanded, and have a new track. This one has a bit of a roller-disco vibe.


A playlist of (Stuart Memo, formerly of Bis's selection of) top tracks featuring the Roland TR-808:

includes, among others, Marvin Gaye, Charanjit Singh, S.O.S. Band, A Guy Called Gerald.

Tim and Laetitia of Stereolab talk to the Guardian about their history, some of their songs: 'There was craziness in getting lost and dizzy':


Glen Johnson of Piano Magic talks about their recordings and influences and the impending 20th-anniversary (!) rerelease of “Low Birth Weight”


It’s slightly disappointing that nothing similar is planned for the follow-up, “Artists’ Rifles”, which carried the post-This Mortal Coil, post-shoegaze poetic melancholia even further IMHO

I just spent an evening in a packed room full of goths watching three Icelanders in bondage gear gyrating to industrial techno and singing/shouting what was probably acerbic political agitprop (though my Icelandic is nowhere near up to being able to confirm). But yes, Hatari were fun.

There’s a new Cigarettes After Sex album coming out later this year:


I was late to discovering their eponymous debut (mostly because the band’s name sounded like some goofy hipster gimmick), but after seeing them at Primavera last year, and noticing that their sound is more Slowdive meets Mazzy Star and rather lovely, was won over. Hopefully the second album will be at least as good.

Concrete Science Fiction Riot: Why Do We Ignore The 70s French Underground?, or, on the as yet nameless avant-garde progressive music moment of post-1968 France:


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Earlier in the week I was thinking about how great pop songs speak across time by singing about the constants of life like heartbreak, the rush of first love and macroeconomic Kondratiev cycles of boom-bust.

Watching The Cure at ; the first time I’ve seen them live without the need for binoculars. This is for you, Me 25 Years Ago.

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