And now, Helen McCookerybook and “Records and Tea”; a lovely piece of C81-era indiepop not that far from Tracey Thorn, though it does sound a bit like if one were to write a parody twee-pop song these days.

Some quality shoegazing going down at the Union Chapel, at Daylight Music; isn’t that the Twin Peaks theme?

“Hearing histories of Hammer Hill: Pop music as auditory geography”; an academic paper on the emotive aspects of geography in Jens Lekman’s songs:

Interesting essay about Australia’s culture of local and community radio stations, by musician Dave Graney:

The Quietus interviews Swiss post-krautrock disco-funk duo Klaus Johann Grobe:

(Their album “Du Bist So Symmetrisch” was one of my records of 2018:

A quite comprehensive interview with @dubstarUK going into detail about their recent album One, the origins of the songs, and the recording process:

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Well, I now have a big steaming pile of words, most of them sentences; I can hew it into a records-of-2018 writeup tomorrow.

This is wild: a guy from LA faked a band (hiring session musos), faked footage of packed gigs, created a fake booking agency, and landed a tour of Europe. None of the 100s of ticket buyers showed up, of course, and then the shit hit the fan:

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Another Sarah Records tribute compilation; this time from a number of Italian bands. No, I haven’t heard of any of them either …

There’s a Balearic/chillwave cover of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” playing in this bike shop. As far as Balearic/chillwave shop mood music goes, it’s not bad.

Can’t hear the music over the bantz of the troika of hipbros standing in front of the stage.

Are The KLF about to unearth (fnord) their lost/unfinished metal album The Black Room?

New Infinite Works: an internet radio station broadcasting generative music, by William Doyle (formerly of East India Youth):

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