Meanwhile, here are my purchases from today's Bandcamp Friday:

Astral Flight — Astral Flight


Die Wilde Jagd — Die Wilde Jagd

HUNGRY GHOSTS — Alone Alone and Hungry Ghosts LP

Miles Brown (The Night Terrors) — The Gateway

Not Drowning, Waving — Tabaran and Circus

Parenthesis... — Your Excellency / CATS HOME/DOGS HOME

Qluster — Echtzeit

Shinjuku Thief — Black Garden (Soundtrack)

The Foots — The Foots

The Radio Dept. — You're Lookin' at My Guy

Various Artists — Midnight Meditations (Chapter Music)

Various Artists — Saving for a Custom Van (the songs of Adam Schlesinger) fatherdaughterrecords.bandcamp

Various Artists — To Yemen With Love الى اليمن بكل...

Once again, it's Bandcamp Friday, when Bandcamp pass on 100% of revenue to artists/labels for a day. As such, here are a few recommendations from my recent purchases:

Heavy Sunrise — We Are Weightless
Granular ambient drone, from the former guitarist of 90s US shoegazers Alison's Halo; a lot more ethereal, though.

Laura MacFarlane — Into The Metalude
Solo vocals and vibraphone, recorded at home; a bit jazzier and more introspective than her work with Ninetynine.

Mighty Duke And The Lords — Caribbean Rollerama
Funky party-rocking grooves with clever wit and a tight brass section. I bought this a while ago, but hearing that the titular outer-suburban roller rink is closing down made me put it on again.

Not Drowning, Waving — Another Pond
Their 1984 debut album, expanded and remastered; probably their most immediately new-wavey work, which in a parallel universe wouldn't have been out of place on 4AD.

Sons Of Kemet — Lest We Forget What We Came Here To Do
Propulsively rhythmic dub-jazz from the London group

Die Wilde Jagd - Haut
Krautrock meets electronica; somewhere between Faust and a less grimdark Teeth Of The Sea.

Currently listening to the remastered/extended version of Not Drowning, Waving’s 1984 debut album “Another Pond”, recently released on Bandcamp, for the first time, hitherto having only heard the 1990 CD:

Not sure how I feel about the completely different track order; some of the formerly missing tracks such as “Moving Around” hint at David Bridie’s long-lost gothic-rock period. As, one could say, does the band name.

Legendary Australian ambient/art-rock band Not Drowning, Waving have finally put all their albums up on Bandcamp; and they appear to be considerably extended from the old CDs you might have.

I recommend Another Pond as a good place to start; if you like Brian Eno and/or This Mortal Coil, you might also like it.

Sad to hear that Alex Taylor, the singer from the C86 band The Shop Assistants, has passed away:

And here are my purchases from today's Bandcamp fee jubilee:

Article 54 - Stayin' Alive
Baseball - The Ocean Is Blue And Green (songs of travel, loss and hope)
Ben Frost - Steelwound
Blood Orange - Negro Swan
The Bran Flakes - I'm So Glad To See You
DaM-FunK - DJ-Kicks (DaM-FunK)
DJ Downfall - Sounds Of The 20th Century E.P.
DRMNGNOW - Australia Does Not Exist ft Kee'ahn
Francis Plagne - Tenth Volume Of Maps
Hieroglyphic Being, Sarathy Korwar & Shabaka Hutchings - A.R.E. Project
Hieroglyphic Being - The Fourth Dimensions Of A Nubian Mystic
Laura MacFarlane - Into The Metalude
The Lucksmiths - First Tape
Moses Sumney - græ
Mythologen - HNRLP009: Mythologen
Penny Orchids - Return to Rattlesnake Speedway
Slikback - Lasakaneku
Spunsugar - Happier Happyless
The Sugargliders - We're All Trying To Get There
Various Artists - From Our Corners
Various Artists - Live at The Windmill
Various Artists - TOTAL SOLIDARITY - benefit compilation for grassroot LGBTQIA organizations in Poland
Vektroid - Vektroid Texture Maps
Waak Waak Djungi - Waak Waak ga Min Min
Whirlywirld - Complete Discography 1978-80

Some lovely shoegazing from London instrumentalist/composer Soliloquy, in the intermission of this video from the Daylight Music gigs:

Spike Jonze’s “Beastie Boys Story” comes off as a missed opportunity in Christos Tsiolkas’ review:

Today, Bandcamp are waiving their fees to help artists, so it's a good day to go on a buying spree. Here's what I've bought:

Cable Ties, “Far Enough”

Carpenter Brut, “BLOOD MACHINES OST”

Chorusgirl, Debut Album

Coach Station Reunion, “Couldn't Feel Safer” coachstationreunion.bandcamp.c

Coach Station Reunion, “Lost Album” coachstationreunion.bandcamp.c

datassette, “Datassette”


dj newtown, “WEST MEMBERS”

Elsa Hewitt, “Citrus Paradisi”

Guggi Data, “Pop/Rock”

HTRK, “Marry Me Tonight”

Iggy Pop, “Family Affair” single

Jon Brooks, “How To Get To Spring”

Jon Brooks, “No wave is ever the same.”

Pikelet, “Chair + Lamp”

Popolice, “Invisible”

Popolice, “Middle Ground (2019 Remix)”


raven, “in a cold cottage, in the dirt, in outer space”

raven, “in & out of fashion”

Rev Magnetic, “Versus Universe”

Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, “Songs of Yearning” revolutionaryarmyoftheinfantje

The Autobahn of Life, “Trains Below The City”
The Magnetic North, “Orkney: Symphony Of The Magnetic North”

The Magnetic North, “Prospect of Skelmersdale”

The Magnetic North, “Rackwick”

The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra, “The Hero's Journey” themysteryfaxmachineorchestra.

Thor Harris, “Doom Dub”

Various Artists, “Kill Yr. Idols” (Chapter Music)

Various Artists, “In Order To Care” (R&S Records; NHS PPE fundraiser)

Wedding Guns, “Blood in Everyone's Type”

Windy & Carl, “Akimatsuri”

Interesting Bandcamp Daily article about the current state of Spanish leftfield pop music; includes a number of Elefant acts familiar to Indietracks attendees:

An interesting essay on the politics and aesthetics of Brexit-era British boomer resentment as seen through the writings of Morrissey, by Owen Hatherley:

Robin Sloan, “An Integration Loop”, or building on William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops with a sample-oriented generative neural network and a lot of judicious editing:

An interesting essay examining Broadcast’s “The Noise Made By People” (now 20 years old) as a turning point in what “psychedelia” meant, from Britpop-adjacent 60s shagadelic kitsch to the present world of Ballardian/Scarfolkian hauntology:

Bandcamp has an interesting list of some of the more esoteric releases on Jello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles label:

Though there’s one minor mistake: Wesley Willis didn’t use a Casiotone keyboard; he used a Solton Ketron.

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