The New Yorker on the new Saint Etienne album, which is woven from samples of late-90s/early-00s commercial pop deep cuts, in the context of nostalgia. (It’s not quite hauntology, and not vaporwave either.)

St. Christopher, the most expansive-sounding band on Sarah Records, have a new album coming out next week:

Just heard this Japanese city pop cover of the Pet Shop Boys’ “Love Comes Quickly” in a bar, and think it’s great:

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There are two flavors of Vaporwave: Drowning-In-A-Mall-Food-Court-Water-Feature-Core and Best-Parts-Of-A-Song-You-Don't-Really-Like-Core.

The Underground Lovers’ 1998 album Cold Feeling is finally up on Bandcamp.

This is probably my favourite of their albums; it reads like a love letter to their influences. You can hear a bit of New Order, Neu!, Suicide, the Velvet Underground and so on in places. Though far from being a pastiche of references, it unfolds like a coherent whole, with a wintery detachment

Bill Drummond explains The KLF’s “3AM Eternal”:

Currently listening to Hollie Kenniff’s “The Quiet Drift”; if there’s one thing it reminds me of, it’d be Jónsi and Alex Somers’ Riceboy Sleeps project.

Bandcamp Friday haul 

My Bandcamp Friday haul:

Kirk Barley — Lake Of Gold // Primer
Blueboy — John Peel Session 03.12.94
Simona Castricum — Exotic Ladies of Birobidzhan
Cold Cave — Fate In Seven Lessons
Fosca — Diary Of An Antibody
Frankie Rose — Seventeen Seconds
Peggy Gou — I Go
GRAZER — Grazer
Rachel Lime — A.U.
Geoffrey O'Connor — For As Long As I Can Remember
Hannah Peel — Unheard Delia
Alex Reed — This Dream Is For You: A Midcent...
Tangents — Timeslips & Chimeras
The Umbrellas — The Umbrellas

Alexis Petridis interviews producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (best known for having essentially created Janet Jackson’s pop career; also seen in the 808 documentary in the context of the S.O.S. Band’s futuristic disco-soul), who now have a solo album out:

IMHO, these guys are at least as significant as Moroder.

A new book about the legacy of Icelandic musician and composer Jóhann Jóhannsson is being crowdfunded:

A good case for The Smiths’ “The Queen Is Dead” being overrated, already showing early signs of compromise from Morrissey’s bloated self-image, with the critical kudos heaped on it being more a matter of overcompensation for having ignored their previous albums:

And now they’re playing Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step”. Ah, L.A. Reid and Babyface, the American Stock/Aitken/Waterman.

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The café I’m in is playing R. Kelly’s “You’ve Got That Vibe”, the song that started a genre, Nonce Jack Swing

Quite surprised to hear that there’s a new St. Christopher album on the way. (tl;dr: they were on Sarah Records and sounded far more widescreen/technicolor/expansive than you’d expect an indie band from 80s York to)

A history of the Australian shmindie label rooArt and (tangentially) The Hummingbirds’ “loveBUZZ” (a brilliant slice of sunny indiepop, for what it’s worth):

RIP Anita Lane, Melburnian expat post-punk, Nick Cave collaborator and interesting solo artist in her own right:

Sad to hear about Digital Underground’s Shock G/Humpty Hump. Sex Packets was groundbreaking, and the snare sample in Humpty Dance was as influential on genres as some 3-digit Roland devices

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