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Earlier in the week I was thinking about how great pop songs speak across time by singing about the constants of life like heartbreak, the rush of first love and macroeconomic Kondratiev cycles of boom-bust.

Watching The Cure at ; the first time I’ve seen them live without the need for binoculars. This is for you, Me 25 Years Ago.

At ; watching London electro-funk/boogie combo Jungle; the first band I’m seeing of this festival. The last time I saw them, they were the last band of one night of Primavera. Anyway, they’re pretty groovy.

That sick lurching feeling when you learn that an amazing band you discovered have signed to a major label and gone dark on Bandcamp, and their music will only be available through streaming, lossy downloads or slow, expensive intercontinental mail order.

My highlights from 2019:
- Bis on Friday
- Surf Muscle (surf-rock instrumental covers done well)
- Randolph’s Leap (sweeping, swooning Scottish soul-pop)
- Nim Chimpsky (grebo’s not dead)
- Kero Kero Bonito 🤘⚡️
And a lot of other great sets. See you in 2020

If you liked the direct-to-VHS exploitation synthwave of Carpenter Brut and Street Cleaner but wished they were more in an 80s electro-funk vein, you’ll probably like Psychic Mirrors:

The tape archive of NZ indie label Flying Nun Records was donated to the National Library of New Zealand; here’s an article on the complicated project of archiving and digitising the lot:

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What iOS Mastodon client are people moving to now that Tootdon is shutting down?

Interesting survey of the various types of noise music:

Also, it seems like The Hard Times are starting to publish things other than satire

New Madonna album described as “like Becky With The Good Hair got the same budget as Lemonade to compose her white, centrist response”: 🔥

An interesting interview with Momus, taking in Bowie, Bataille, art creeps, problematic faves, pomo, kitsch, the decline of online discourse and the return of fascism:


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RIP Philippe Zdar; ½ of French filter-funk project Cassius and producer who worked with everyone from Phoenix to Hot Chip:

I just saw Loney Dear and band play a small concert, of mostly new songs, in a church in Södermalm, with grand piano, chromatic percussion and a stack of synths. The new songs are sounding fantastic; already lushly intricate, with the characteristic harmonies and grand crescendos, and of course the darkness and melancholy. One of the new songs’ harmonies and emotional register reminded me of a few other things: perhaps iLiKETRAiNS, perhaps early Paradise Motel, possibly something else as well.

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