This list of 24 artists Cocteau Twins influenced has a few surprises (Prince‽ Napalm Death‽) and some that will be no surprise at all (Beach House, Sigur Rós, a who’s-who of shoegaze):

Exciting news: Spunsugar, a young shoegaze/alternative-rock band from Malmö, are releasing their debut album next month:

These guys are good, and sound pretty much as their name suggests they would.

Listening to The Softies’ “Holiday In Rhode Island”; perfect soundtrack for the autumnal chill.

September Bandcamp Friday haul 

Nicole Thibault (from Minimum Chips)’s new band’s album is out today:
File alongside: Stereolab, Electrelane

An interesting look at the Norwegian black metal scene, 30 years on, and its stylistic and aesthetic divergences; mentions Ulver, who are generally worth a listen.

A previously unheard Cardiacs track, “Vermin Mangle”, will be released tonight on their Bandcamp:

“The Whitey Album” by “Ciccone Youth” just got added to the Sonic Youth Bandcamp page:

The bar I’m in* is playing Pet Shop Boys’ “Being Boring”, a track I hadn’t listened to literally in decades. That reminds me I should relisten to my PSB records.

* Mbargo, Hornstull, Stockholm

Late-90s/early-00s Melbourne indie legends Lacto-Ovo are now on Bandcamp; think Bollywood surf-rock meets Casio-on-an-ironing-board Stereolabby lounge grooves:

…now do Mid-State Orange next

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Damon Krukowski (of Damon & Naomi/Galaxie 500) interviews Ethan Diamond, the founder of Bandcamp, for NPR, draws comparisons between Bandcamp’s merch-table philosophy and the audio-first content warehouse that is Spotify:

The Reykjavík Grapevine has a detailed history of the Icelandic electronica group GusGus, from their 90s chilled-beats to today:

Blueboy - Temple from the original 4 track Demo sent to Sarah Records in 1991
Between the clunking drum machine, the gently rolling guitar arpeggios, the extended chords and Keith’s plaintive vocals, it’s 😘👌

This album of Rona-themed sexed-up electrofunk from Chromeo is 😘👌:

Is anybody who listened to shoegaze in the 90s/00s finding that, despite being sonically and structurally completely different, vaporwave hits many of the same buttons?

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