The House of the Rising Sun 

I’m watching Martin Scorsese’s No Direction Home: Bob Dylan, and man, I’ve been so dumb about this song.

One of my favorite rock & roll stories is about Peter Frampton's guitar: Four years after "Frampton Comes Alive", the Les Paul he played on that album (and pretty much everything else he did in the 1970s) was presumed lost in a plane crash in Venezuala.

Except it turned out that somebody grabbed the guitar from the wreckage. It was eventually sold to someone on Curaçao (who had no idea of its provenance) and years later somebody recognized it, and some good people worked together to re-acquire it and give it back to Frampton, 31 goddamn years later.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite Writing/Composition and Recording story that I’ve read.
Every time I process the raw innovation that transpired
I’m fascinated (and inspired)
all over again.

And I always follow up with a listen through my open-backs.

Has seeing an artist perform live ever changed your opinion of them? If so, how?

Jan 6 | This Day In Music | 1977 - Sex Pistols
EMI Records dropped The Sex Pistols giving the band £40,000 ($68,000) to release them from their contract.

This Day in 1969 - “The entire shipment of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's album 'Two Virgins' was seized by authorities in New Jersey due to the full frontal nude photograph of the couple on the cover. The album was eventually wrapped in plain brown paper in record stores.” | This Day In Music

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