Very Minor Spoiler for A Certain Magical Index S1, E2) 

There's a moment in A Certain Magical Index (Episode 1, Season 1) where one of the best music/foley/audio engineering things I've ever heard takes place, It's a running scene, there's fire - it's really hard to do the sound of fire right in balance with voice, music, and other things - and the character goes off the side of a flight of stairs, bounces off a metal roof, and vanishes out of sight.

The music is perfectly timed, the vocals are perfectly balanced, but what makes it is the instantly recognizable, not on screen sound of a bicycle bell ringing to a slightly quieter crash.

Typically, sounds are for on-screen events. ACMI does an insanely good job cuing for events, or sounding current events rather than showing them, and it does an amazing job of pulling the listener in.

So this is me all impressed and blithering about it, because it's been *ages* since sound is what invested me in... almost anything not specifically music, and this does it with position being sound defined - a step beyond, say, the amazing sound-work in Alien, where it's the ambient sometimes non-directional sound that drives things.

Episode in question, at about 12:15-12:25


Very Minor Spoiler for A Certain Magical Index S1, E2) 

Seriously, I thought I'd written Episode 2, Season 1. Ah well. At least the link was right.

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