A bit impromptu to thrift today but what a success. I've been waiting for this one! A most excellent find!

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Two hours until I find out if our rock band band is ranking into elite diamond class at the end of this rivals season. At this point we're scoring in the top 100ish bands still playing the game. That's wild to me!

The choice to put a Faunts track (M4 part 2) over the ending credits of Mass Effect 1 was one of the best decisions the series ever made and one they never repeated.

I'd post it here but it's 20mb and too large.

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@djsundog yeah but unless the stale format moves forward it'll just slide into obsolescence right? I think the idea of 'posts' needs a hard shake.

@djsundog I'm always curious to see how more depth can be added to the posting infrastructure.

Can toots blossom into wiki entries like gateways opening to many paths? Can pages flip with controls like so:

---
<1 | - | 2>

I really, really miss crate digging and rummaging through the double-discard vinyl at the end of the line secondhand stores. That's where it feels the most meaningful.

Anyone can curate a good selection at a record store. That's the whole point! But it's not real digging. It's just appreciating someone elses curation strategy. Real digging means working through dirt.

I guess the other thing I miss is living in a neighborhood that actually had music stores. I haven't seen a single record store in New West.

Oh, my poor neglected linernotes dot club account. I miss you.

@thermous True for him as an artist, but this album specifically is actually on the rare side!

So I did a quick check of my library of Herb Alpert albums and it turns out I actually have TWO copies of Whipped Cream and Other Delights. This very much pleases me; the rarity of that album is something to consider.

Can't wait for my photo preamp to show up so I can listen to it in glorious stereo.

Oh good, o.s is down
Guess I'll die

NO WAIT better idea
Listen to this fucking madness banger of an album instead


A long and thoughtful resolutions post 

2019 was a year of getting ahead while 'ahead' constantly moved further and further afield and I play catch-up .

2020 is an opportunity to think about the year upcoming, but also a chance to think about the coming decade. In my 20s, the very notion of considering an upcoming ten years was unpalatable; I was a mess, my life was a mess, and I couldn't even imagine a few months in advance.

But, here I am. Older, wiser. I'm tired of small projects and little wins, and I'd like to form some concrete shapes in my life; the first small movements of which will look like measurements and small pushes which, over time (I hope) will become momentous and meaningful.

2020 : The Year

These are things I can do consistently, and goals that I can measure success by. A lot of these are just self-improvement strategies, but there's no time like now to improve the self.

- Use the Gym at least once a week

- Cook dinner at home at least 3x nights a week

- write for myself for at least 10 minutes daily; journaling or fiction

- go to at least 3 or 4 shows

- work on the year of creation with @monster_meal@octodon.social

- build at least two more guitar pedals

- play guitar for at least ten minutes a week

- Read six books

2020 : The Decade

Bigger dreams take longer but if I can manage my annual goals, then I can manage the longer ones. Consistent writing yields books. Consistent practice yields music. Consistent doing yields memories.

- Clock at least two years at a job

- finally get that drivers license

- get SFOC licensing for drone flights

- Pay off 25% of my student loan

- Publish a book

- Get out of marketing

- Visit Europe

- Visit Hawaii

- Visit Mexico

- science-permitting, visit space

Maybe I can do all of these. Maybe I'll fail a lot of them. Maybe some will take and others won't and ultimately I'll make it halfway through the list. Trying is all I can pledge.

Happy 2020; the year, decade, and opportunity.

Vinyl thrifting, accordion lady 

@erinbee Oh wow, you're right thats 100% the same energy

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