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Hello, you may remember me from such instances as,, and that's probably it.

I like a lot of music, and I'm afraid it doesn't really track per-genre too well. I like stoner rock, but not all of it. I like psych, but only some. I like pop, but uh kind of choosy about it. Classic rock, metal, ambient, etc, etc. A lot.

If I was a pile of disused CDs in your glove compartment, I'd be

The Sword - Warp Riders
Boom-bip & Doseone - Circle
Brian Eno - Music for Airports
Robyn - Body Talk
The Devin Townsend Project - Ocean Machine
a mix CD of psytrance
something with 'BULLSHIT' written in sharpie on it

I write, and I listen to music while I write. I play the guitar (self-taught and poorly) and drift always towards fingerpicked pretty things and drop-D riffing with delay, reverb, and distortion.

Uhhhh I'm an Aquarius, enjoy craft beer and red meat, and I probably drink too much coffee.

Oh shit, I'm back
and I've been listening to m u s i c

Another day, another thrift perusal.
Very scratched, real shame.

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Also I like how tiny this account is. It's peaceful.

WIth a 5000 character word limit, I really should start experimenting with thoughtful reviews of music I enjoy here.

It makes a lot of sense for me to throw stuff together, medium-length, in a doc file and then paste it into here. I wish I could embed inline pictures instead of just leaving a pile of them at the end of the post, but that's a pretty fair limitation of mastodon. Otherwise, why not just make diet wordpress?

Of the shit I buy. I buy more music than I did as a kid, for sure. A good mix of vinyl and digital, with some really poor choices rounding it all out.

Sometimes I want to take pictures of sexy bifold art from a record I purchased, and sometimes I just want to post pictures of wizards and talk about the New Psychedelic Metal of the 21st century.

This is what happens when a career in hypnotism doesn't work out and you have to begrudgingly fall back on your classical clarinet training.

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“What the hell is this package from Bullmoose? I don’t think I’ve ever ordered anything from th- OHHHHH”

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