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Hello, you may remember me from such instances as,, and that's probably it.

I like a lot of music, and I'm afraid it doesn't really track per-genre too well. I like stoner rock, but not all of it. I like psych, but only some. I like pop, but uh kind of choosy about it. Classic rock, metal, ambient, etc, etc. A lot.

If I was a pile of disused CDs in your glove compartment, I'd be

The Sword - Warp Riders
Boom-bip & Doseone - Circle
Brian Eno - Music for Airports
Robyn - Body Talk
The Devin Townsend Project - Ocean Machine
a mix CD of psytrance
something with 'BULLSHIT' written in sharpie on it

I write, and I listen to music while I write. I play the guitar (self-taught and poorly) and drift always towards fingerpicked pretty things and drop-D riffing with delay, reverb, and distortion.

Uhhhh I'm an Aquarius, enjoy craft beer and red meat, and I probably drink too much coffee.

I really, really miss crate digging and rummaging through the double-discard vinyl at the end of the line secondhand stores. That's where it feels the most meaningful.

Anyone can curate a good selection at a record store. That's the whole point! But it's not real digging. It's just appreciating someone elses curation strategy. Real digging means working through dirt.

I guess the other thing I miss is living in a neighborhood that actually had music stores. I haven't seen a single record store in New West.

Oh, my poor neglected linernotes dot club account. I miss you.

So I did a quick check of my library of Herb Alpert albums and it turns out I actually have TWO copies of Whipped Cream and Other Delights. This very much pleases me; the rarity of that album is something to consider.

Can't wait for my photo preamp to show up so I can listen to it in glorious stereo.

Oh good, o.s is down
Guess I'll die

NO WAIT better idea
Listen to this fucking madness banger of an album instead

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A long and thoughtful resolutions post 

2019 was a year of getting ahead while 'ahead' constantly moved further and further afield and I play catch-up .

2020 is an opportunity to think about the year upcoming, but also a chance to think about the coming decade. In my 20s, the very notion of considering an upcoming ten years was unpalatable; I was a mess, my life was a mess, and I couldn't even imagine a few months in advance.

But, here I am. Older, wiser. I'm tired of small projects and little wins, and I'd like to form some concrete shapes in my life; the first small movements of which will look like measurements and small pushes which, over time (I hope) will become momentous and meaningful.

2020 : The Year

These are things I can do consistently, and goals that I can measure success by. A lot of these are just self-improvement strategies, but there's no time like now to improve the self.

- Use the Gym at least once a week

- Cook dinner at home at least 3x nights a week

- write for myself for at least 10 minutes daily; journaling or fiction

- go to at least 3 or 4 shows

- work on the year of creation with

- build at least two more guitar pedals

- play guitar for at least ten minutes a week

- Read six books

2020 : The Decade

Bigger dreams take longer but if I can manage my annual goals, then I can manage the longer ones. Consistent writing yields books. Consistent practice yields music. Consistent doing yields memories.

- Clock at least two years at a job

- finally get that drivers license

- get SFOC licensing for drone flights

- Pay off 25% of my student loan

- Publish a book

- Get out of marketing

- Visit Europe

- Visit Hawaii

- Visit Mexico

- science-permitting, visit space

Maybe I can do all of these. Maybe I'll fail a lot of them. Maybe some will take and others won't and ultimately I'll make it halfway through the list. Trying is all I can pledge.

Happy 2020; the year, decade, and opportunity.

Vinyl thrifting 

And I offer a sacrifice to our admin and jazz enthusiast, @djsundog

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Vinyl thrifting 

A new addition to the family!

Gotta have that Chuck Mangione

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Vinyl thrifting 

No, I'm not feeling this either.

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Vinyl thrifting 

Our Lady of the bins, what have you got for me today?

Be kind!

Anyways, let's call this 95% great, with some clever learn-arounds to keep the automations working. Good job, me!

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The auto-return and auto-lift mechanisms are working against each other and its frustrating. Not looking forward to fixing THAT problem

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There should be a speed adjustment screw somewhere, probably masquerading as a pitch control. A few gentle turns of that should get this in-line. The problem is being so close to correct I'm unable to decide if it's just a liiiiitle too fast, or a liiiiitle too slow.

It's the uncanny Valley of familiar oasis songs.

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O shit it works :O

It's about a half octave too fast hahahah oh wow, or toooo slow.

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I've tested every lead, I guess now I should just... Wiggle the plugs a bunch? Maybe reverse the polarity? Science?

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