Been a stressful day. Made some really hateful music.

Listening to Pink Sweat$ now to calm down

I still crack up at the idea that Buick Tanks exist too. Or a Chrysler tank

@cdmnky this is fun!

Toyota makes
-Sewing Machines
-One of the few offlroading capable SUV

Someone please talk to me about cassette culture and the comeback of that form of media.

@nivex @packetcat thats literally the backbone of our society. Look at the arguments for an unregulated 2nd amendment. "You guys can't have automatic weapons thats reductions. "

Reply: " Oh its not automatic, its a megalo-duplex trigger and is .000021 seconds under what legally qualifies as 'automatic'".

"OKAY, NUH UH WE DONT CARE- you can't have those."

Reply: "MUH RIGHTS MUH FREEDIMS. But its okay because we made a t-rigger that is 100% different and perfectly legal."

"NO, now its just .000020 seconds under, why would THAT be okay?"


@packetcat oh my God its real. Imagine being the reason you got Covid and de-generated your family because of Vanilla fuckin Ice.


Full caps 

@Garrison okay good, I thought I was going to have to buy some JNCO jeans and a trans am.

@Garrison haha funny meme super glad its just a meme and not real right?

my 2nd day on the 'fediverse' using Subway Tooter, and no lie, I'll just be pressing buttons randomly and still have no clue whats going on

@er1n I'm behind on trends and such- but at least its not like Cam Newtons Istagram. I'll take caps over his type of strange letters any day.

@red I'm still figuring it out honestly, I literally just joined for the first time this afternoon. This early even I can already tell how much better this is for discussion and shared media.

@red Note: by social i mean that people have more confidence that they are interacting with someone who's responses are genuine, and not influenced by an outside source.

@red I feel like it is due to so many people agreeing that in today's social climate, this platform is still a breath of fresh air- if only for a little while before the inevitable happens.

of course it will happen; but damn, everywhere else is so influenced to be toxic and this feels actually 'social'.

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