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The ark/d, amorphic limited edition USB gatefold in all it's glory. Only ~10 left.

USB contains the :sccube: #SuperCollider source code and it's shipped directly from my hands from Ljubljana, Slovenia. You'll also get a Kamizdat sticker!


:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa: #CreativeCommons

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Relistening to old Bobby Conn. Wow. The lyrics on this. Talk about presaging Trump...

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I've just found another website dedicated to Linux audio (and video?) software - here's a page with recent software updates aggregated!

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Of come to find that social media is not a valid form of communication. The goals of discourse are the sharing of ideas, coming to consensus, exposing ideas to feedback and criticism. The goal of social media is:

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Easing into the weekend with Mogwai Fear Satan from their first album Young Team. I've taken them for granted I think. This is a great blend of heavy riffs and airy flute. Reminds me they were so influenced by Bardo Pond then but where BP are endlessly circling, this track is driving forward for its 10+ minutes.

Mogwai Fear Satan filmed by Nat Le Scouarnec at Reims, France for La Blogotheque (

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Run The Jewels 4 is out!

I couldn’t see how to leave a tip that would go towards the National Lawyers Guild, so did it manually after the fact. Hope they get credit.

One of my oldest, closest friends just dropped this album and blimey, it's a belter. Not to be slept on.

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After 6 years of hiatus, the #NetworkMusicFestival is back, preparing to put on a global all-online music festival spanning loads of time zones. This could include you!

🎉 🎊 🎺 💻

We're looking for performers, workshops leaders, people with interesting ideas and volunteers to host online concerts around the world. Check out our website. ❤️

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An interesting essay on the politics and aesthetics of Brexit-era British boomer resentment as seen through the writings of Morrissey, by Owen Hatherley:

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As an experiment, I'm going to try a live stream. It's at ... as this is pretty impromptu, I'm just going to start now and see how it goes.

Anyone who wants to listen, enjoy! I'll probably improvise for about an hour. I have no clue of the "quality". :)

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if you know a thing or two about audio cassette decks... 

I have a pioneer CT-43 that worked great in the shop when I bought it back in august or so, and I brought it home and it fails to play.

rewind and fast forward work fine and the tape moves, but playing results in a little bit of clicking and whirring, but the tape itself doesn't move. there's a slight burning smell when that happens, maybe a belt burning?

my expectation is that something got jostled out of place while the deck was in transit.

I've uploaded a copy of the service manual to, if anybody could point me toward a probable cause so I can pop it open and take a look.

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Working from home and need some tunes?

My latest discovery: France's 'FIP Radio'

"Curious and sophisticated: Since 1971 FIP offers a versatile program of jazz, chansons, world music and electronic tunes."

Streams here:

Alternatively, mix their playlist in with others over at by adding the following
instance and hashtag: ; fipradio

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