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About 10 years ago, while visiting the Jersey shore, i came across a few boxes of records on the curbside. i didn't have a record player then, and they sat in storage for all this time. now i'm going through them to sort out the stuff that's too scratched or warped from the stuff i don't like, and finally find a few keepers

it's a collection of well over a hundred records that belonged to someone else, so it's way outside my musical tastes. i'm discovering a ton of music from the 60s that i wouldn't have ever listened to otherwise. some of it's really good. some of it is classic. a LOT of it is trash

My current header is a picture of Barbara Streisand; this is NOT because i like Babs. It's because whoever owned this collection before me seems to have really liked her. Personally, i feel she's like a middle school drama kid who was allowed to have a whole career

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Introduction #Intro 

i'll be tooting about this process in detail under this thread:

i'm also keeping track of it with the hashtag

Introduction #Intro 

@Absolutely_Blakely we'll have you liking at least some babs before this year is through

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